PC Vs Laptop

Hi guys, I'm looking for a laptop that I can just plug into my monitors and use as a PC.

It will solely be used for my business, no gaming or streaming etc just the occasional YouTube video. I'm a Chartered Accountant, so my work mostly involves using Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Accounting software's & web browsers. My current setup is connecting my laptop to 2 monitors and basically using my laptop as a PC as at times I do take my laptop with me to client meetings. Would you guys recommend I buy a laptop or just opt for a PC instead and buy just a standard laptop to take with me to meetings?



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    client meetings

    Your use case, I would say laptop.

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    As an accountant you should already know the answer.

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    There is literally no benefit to a desktop, the software requirements you list there could run on a potato. Buy a laptop with a decent dock to make disconnecting it easier.

  • Lockdown ends, you need a laptop.

  • Depreciate the 3090 over 4 years.. imagine how much those spreadsheets and PP slides will pop
    Potential to heat the home office too….

  • Dock with multiple monitor support or egpu(this can be expensive)

  • Fellow accountant here. Definitely a laptop. Absolutely no need to buy 2 computers when you only need one. What’s your budget?

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    I recommend a laptop with USB-C that can connect to a USB-C monitor that acts as docking station which will power the laptop and be daisy chained to a second monitor. Using a single connection for video and power and not requiring a separate docking station greatly reduces clutter on the desktop

    Dell 27 USB-C Hub Monitor

    ThinkVision T24h-20

  • A laptop is a pc.

  • Laptop it is. Any suggestions for a laptop under $1,500?

    • Apple m1 series, if your office suite is cloud based.

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