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LEGO Star Wars Episode IX Sith TIE Fighter - 75272 $59 @ Kmart


Just bought this wonderful set for $59 from Kmart. Saved $50

I think its a great buy and this can really appreciate over time as it is due to retire early in 2022.

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    Yes it's a great price, but please stop trying to pass off new Lego sets as an investment.
    That ship has sailed with the older sets a few years back.
    Lego have caught on to the massive AFOL awakening and new sets are in much higher supply and especially now with sets even being re-released.

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      Best example was Saturn V. I was sold for as much as $400 by scalpers (RRP $169). Then LEGO re-released it. Scalpers were still trying to sell it at a premium saying it’s original Limited edition 21309 as compared to re-released 92176.

    • You buy this, you built this, then when its time you had enough of it, sell it and get your money back if not more. I dont see any flaws in this logic. By the way just in case you dont know, your Super is also a investment.

      • Getting $40-$50 back is hardly worth my time or the effort, my son will have plenty of fun with it and who knows, at the end of the day it might end up in the 500kg+ bulk lego pile, but what do I care as long as we have fun.

        On the super note, if you have to sell your lego to keep your super topped up, you probably need to look into a different super.

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    Thanks OP redistributed some btc into this lego investment.

    • You did what now?

      • sold some bitcoin to buy lego I think

        • So this is how the value of LEGO goes up!

  • Everything is an investment, not just money but also your happiness, it happens to Lego, yob can get both at the same time, why not, I buy it play it and resale it, nothing lose. You don’t like happiness just skip the deal

  • out of stock online and unavailable for pick up

    • Same price in the upcoming catalogue sale starting 28/10. Assuming they will have more stock in then.

  • Kmart just cancelled my order and refunded it. I ordered enough to get the free shipping. Didn't really need to order the other set so now it's going to be annoying to return it.

  • Did anyone have 4 security tag marks all around the box? unsure if they stick on on these but it seems like the security tag marks.

    • yea

      • first time for me though. have you had many instances?

  • What the heck you can still add to cart, but my order just got cancelled. :(

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