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[Oculus] Drunkn Bar Fight $14.32 (46% off) @ Oculus Store


Been stalking these daily deals since a bunch of referral credit came in, this looks the goods.

All time lowest it seems for this standalone title. If you don't own Thrill Of The Fight, I highly recommend that even at full price ($15). But this is a little less serious and more of a physics/ fun sim.


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$47 in Oculus Store Credit for referrer and referee.

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    Nice price, it’s more expensive in Canada at the moment at CA$13.82 which Mastercard converts to AU$14.99.

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    Lockdowns over though so I can do this for free now

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      Do they make "TP fights" as a retro classic ?

  • I am prone to motion sickness. How are the comfort levels on this one?

  • Not a bad game… but I found path of the warrior to be way more fun. YMMV

  • is there any good way of being notified of oculus game sales than checking the app daily?

    • I've been checking r/OculusQuest and usually there's a post with the daily game, otherwise they keep it pretty low key.

      • Used to be vrapp.do but oculus changes something and it doesn’t work anymore

  • I love motion sickness/vertigo inducing games on the Oculus. Got any good ones? I've already got Richie's Plank and the roller coaster one - Epic Roller Coasters.

    I'd get The Climb but it's too expensive. $46.99 today. What a joke. Earth to The Climb developers - get real.

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    Thanks! I had $14 of store credit that was going to expire, so this was perfect.

  • +2

    Thought this game was garbage. YMMV

    • Yeah I'm not convinced I'll keep it, seems to be a one hit wonder.

      After about 20 minutes I was wondering what else there was to do, Thrill of the fight seems to do everything I want from it but better.

  • Pfff! I can get into a Drunkn Bar Fight in the real word and it doesn't cost me $15.

    • +1

      Getting drunk for less than $15, that's the real bargain.

      • Easy, buy boxed wine.

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