Did You Choose The Google Pixel 6 or 6 Pro?

Pixel 6 - Pro vs Standard

I'm curious to know what led to your decision for one or the other, as I think the pricing creates an interesting value problem for buyers. The Pixel 6 Standard is great value for what you're getting, and many techtubers are arguing that the Pro probably doesn't justify it's extra 300 bucks (at the base model). You might not have the budget of course for the Pro which is understandable as well of course, but I'm curious if either is possible for you which one did you choose.

I've chosen to go for the Pro 128GB (don't need the higher sizes), and my reasons (or at least justifications to the wife) are: -

  • It's good value when compared to the other flagships from Samsung or even the iPhone Pro. It's actually lower than I expected
  • I don't change my phone regularly, and I'm hoping that I can get close to the 5 years of use (with those security updates). Security is even more important these days, now that we use these "phones" as an essential life admin device.
  • Over that longer time frame, I think the extra features of the Pro are worth it for longevity for me. Such as: - Higher-Res 120Hz Screen, More Ram, Bigger Battery, Extra Telephoto Camera, Better Selfie Camera, Ultra Wideband Support.

So for me it really is the longer term value, which I think the Pro fits well for me at that price point, even if you do get a lot with the standard 6 as well.

What's your reasoning? Or did you just get the biggest and best just because you have. to. have. it! :)


EDIT: Looks like the Pro has the hardware for Ultra Wideband support as well. Something not listed for the standard 6. No difference in materials.

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    Neither. Waiting on reviews first.

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      I would normally do that… but the chip shortages have punished waiters lately so I gritted my teeth for a pre-order. Embargo is a worry, so i'm hoping it's not a complete bust, but at least it's priced lower than the others generally.

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    The techtubers are generally American, and while $599 -> $899 USD is a big leap (the $599 of the Pixel 6 itself being a reallly good price), I think the $999 -> $1299 AU we have here lends itself to the Pro being worth the extra money.

    • Good point. The 300 US difference is more like over 400 bucks here. It also means that the regular 6 has more of the australia tax here compared to the Pro. Maybe google has priced to sell the Pro as the main model here.

  • Regular 6 for me. Both aluminium, don't think I need the extra ram (my pixel 4 with 6gb is fast enough), plus I'm allergic to curved screens as they look so so shitty with a glass screen protector. I'm pretty bummed about the 90hz and lower resolution screen though!

    • I thought I read that the Pro had the stainless steel around the edge, might be wrong on that. Not sure on the curved screen myself, never had one. That's the one thing i was non-plussed with the Pro. I felt the rest was just extra in the bank for making it last a bit longer. Even the bigger battery, which will degrade of course. I'm pretty sure screen protectors are difficult with the under-screen fingerprint generally though, so I'll wait to see what comes out. Thinking of a hydrogel one that can handle the curve a bit better. The glass ones i've heard a pretty bad.

      • Yes hydrogel will work best with the curved screen - my partner needs to change her glass protectors constantly on her curved Samsung phone and after a week they already start to come loose at the edges which makes the thing look terrible. I think the pixel 6 has an optical fingerprint scanner which should work fine either way. There was some confusion on aluminium vs stainless steel, a lot of reviewers created the confusion, but Google was pretty clear in their official video that they're both aluminium. Also the weight difference is 207-210 gr so it would be a lot heavier if a different material was used. Quite bummed about the 90hz though :(

    • glass curved screen protectors tend to be crap and don't stick properly, but the uv glue ones are decent. or if impact is not a concern, hydrogel film is barely there at all (after the first few sticky days). I'd use those on any phone instead of tempered glass

      • Yeah hydrogel works well against scratches, just zero protection against drops etc. Also some prefer the feel and look of glass vs plastic. But it just doesn't work on a curved screen, which is why it's a no-go for me…

        • have you tried the uv glue ones? they are tempered glass that works on curves. I used them for a long time with my mate 20 pro, no issue. doesn't even affect the in screen fingerprint. just a hassle to put on, and you need to make sure its in a case, so the edges don't catch on things

          anyway I like flat glass too, not trying to push curves

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    I was the same as OP and went with the Pro.

    I was moving up from a standard Pixel 2 which I've had for nearly 4 years so it was time for an upgrade. The battery will only last a couple hours of heavy use without a charge now.

    I wasn't going to get the Pro because I like small form factor phones, but then when the dimensions came out the difference in size wasn't huge and I have big hands anyway so thought I'd just go the Pro, it'll seem huge when it arrives from my Pixel 2 I am sure! I thought it was just worth paying the extra few hundred for the tri of cameras (which I'll use heaps) and the variable Hz screen because I figure that should save a bit of battery if utilised correctly. Plus I often use my phone to watch videos these days so the extra real estate will be nice.

    People are really teeing off on the price which I get, but I went back through my old google phone purchases (I've bought the Nexus 5, 6P, Pixel, Pixel 2 at launch from the google store) and they were all ~$1000 anyway (except the 5 which was like $500-600 I think) so the price difference here isn't polarizing. In fact it is amazing that the Pixel 6 standard is in line with the Nexus 6P pricing given how much engineering, R&D and chips in the phone and considering inflation, phones are kinda getting cheaper for what they are.

    But if you were upgrading every year or if your wages weren't growing I absolutely see the angst in an upgrade!

  • -1

    pixel 7

  • Pixel 6 pro

    No specific reason, the 24+ hour battery life part does interest me as well as the camera and pure android.

    can always cancel if im not feeling it after the reviews come out.

  • Got Pro (coming from a Pixel 4), mainly for the camera. Not that much bigger than the 6, so might as well.

  • +1

    The standard 6 would be my pick as it has a flat screen. Makes it better than the pro with a stupid bloody curved screen. I don't really care for higher hz screens, I seldom use the telephoto camera I have now, the non pro is smaller and I prefer that. Really the only thing I'm wanting is the higher capacity battery and an SD slot

  • So far it seems most are either waiting/passing or getting the Pro. I've never had a curved screen so it will be interesting to see if I hate it so passionately as some obviously do, but it looks the Pro is getting most of the attention.

  • Getting the Pro, just for the 120hz screen and battery.
    Just got my shipped notification from the Google Store. So they may actually get in people's hands in a reasonable time frame which is a welcome change for Google Store pre-orders.

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