Blockchain are SCAMMERS

Blockchain took my money 3 weeks ago and since then I haven't been able to do anything with it, they won't give it back, after hours of customer service and they're lies & false promises. Supervisor's Raine & Yaya in particular. Daily check ups with customer service generated generic replies & no help at all. I have repeatedly asked for my money back, with no success. Tho I keep getting reassured that my money is safe, lmfao!

If anyone has an address for blockchain in NSW please tell me.

Take care all, & spread the word, blockchain are scammers!

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  • Is scam… but a mod posted a deal?

    You sure you definitely went to the right website?

  • ok

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    If anyone has an address for blockchain in NSW please tell me.

    Gladys will have NSW blockchain address.

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    This story doesn't have any context.

    Blockchains doesn't do anything without the user approving and signing the Tx.

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      I have $200 worth of Bitcoin in my trading wallet, since my initial sign up & purchase. Since then I haven't been able to do anything with it, can't even transfer to my "wallet", can't get a refund/return, nothing but BS from customer support. Need more context?

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        I don't use CEX but all of them should have BUY/SELL buttons.

        Are you saying that this CEX only has a BUY and no SELL button?

        Do they allow deposit and withdrawal?

        Can you please take a snapshot of the trading UI and the main account with the deposit/withdrawal?

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    I have spent hours with customer support, they keep promising to fix but zilch in 3 weeks

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    Help requests for Coinbase takes months to reply. $200 account issues isn't going to be priority. You could be in for a long wait.

    • I think he's using not coinbase

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        I think the point is the service at one of the world's largest legit exchanges is woeful, so by that standard expecting any service whatsoever from any exchange is wishful thinking

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      Agreed Coinbase have horrendous customer service and when they finally reply it doesn’t even answer your questions. Given that and their fees are so high I only use them to do the surveys then withdrawal the coin.

      • Get free earn and learn shitcoins
        convert to XLM or similar to get fast free transfer to other exchange/wallet/etc

        • Yeah I used LTC last time to withdrawal but it’s never free to transfer, why would XLM be free?

          • @billybob1978: Well, stupid cheap that it is almost free rather than actually free, and the price is fixed too. Also very fast without any congestion delays cause it was made to be a international transfer medium - it is basically Ripple but for individuals rather than big corporations

            Edit: also no pesky minimum transfer limit I've ever run into, if there is a minimum it is below the ~US$3 the Coinbase Earn coins get you

            • @smashman42: Awesome cheers will try XLM next time. The fees on LTC weren’t too bad but not super cheap.

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    Thats the risk with unregulated entities, once the money is with them you will be lucky to see it back out.

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    lol crypto.

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    why did you use in the first place? there's so many established australian exchanges you couldve used…

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    @rektrading where are you?

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