Smartwach Blood Pressure AliExpress

I am looking to buy a Smartwach that also measures blood pressure and heart rate.
Can anyone recommend me a good device on Aliexpress?
Thanks a lot!

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    There's none

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    blood pressure generally requires something to apply pressure to your arm - it needs to measure the relative pushback when your heart tries to pump blood. No watches currently do this - at least not without some sort of cuff to measure blood pressure. Also note that because it involves taking pressure, it might actually drain too much power to fit into a portable device like a watch.

    Some watches offer Saturated O2 measurement which might be helpful.

    Let me know if you find something - as I'm interested too

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    You get what you paid for, for something medical i would buy through a proper shop e.g. your local chemist or major retailers such as sold by Amazon. It is not worth it if you get a dodgy item that give you a false reading and false sense of that your blood pressure and heart rate is good.

    In another words, dont cheap out when it comes to health, its not worth it.

  • As others have said I wouldn't expect any accuracy from cheap chinese wearables, they're more for novelty value only..

  • There are a few that require calibration with a cuff including the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (in some markets) and a heap on AliExpress. These work by inferring blood pressure using other sensors within 24 hours of calibrating with a cuff measurement. It's not as accurate but might be useful as a trend (going up or going down).

    There are a couple with a built in cuff that are actually measuring blood pressure:

    And this Omron watch which is medical grade from a leading blood pressure monitor maker:

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