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20 Podify Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pod $0 (Was $20) + $7 Shipping (New Users Only) @ Podify Coffee


I haven't tried them, but at 35c per pod it's worth a shot in my mind.
Normal price is about $1 per pod, it'd want to be ludicrously good to pay that.

Their 'Dark Matter' is a 5/5 strength, and the 'Lucid' is a 3.5/5.

Get our sample pack*, valued at $20, for free - just pay shipping! We know our coffee is cafe quality and we want YOU to know too! This is a limited time offer so get in quick and don’t miss out on really good coffee!

Try our Lucid and Dark Matter pods with confidence knowing that our eco-friendly Nespresso compatible pods are biodegradable and compostable.

*limit of one taster pack per customer

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    wonder if they make a profit with the shipping

  • +1

    Will the taster pack have both dark and lucid? I just bought but couldn't see any where to specify which pod

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      I’ve just bought as well and pretty sure you get both so you can see it you prefer one over the other.

    • Wondering the same. Will we get 20 pods which is suggested by op?

  • Have anybody tried them before?

  • Doesn't say it's 20 pods

    • +1

      It doesn't say it directly, but you do get 20 pods; 10 Lucid pods and 10 Dark Matter Pods.

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    They charge $9.99/10 pods, so you would assume that the RRP of $20 would refer to 20 pods. Worth a shot ☕️😉

  • Thanks. Happy to give it a try for this price.

  • What is the roast date? Lol

  • +3

    Still seems pricey for a blind buy when tried and true starbucks capsules are currently $4.50/10pk on amazon delivered

    Lots of straight-to-trash bad capsules out there

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    Given the Lors and Vittoria pods are often on sale in the 30-40c bracket, I don't know if I'd want to deviate to try an unknown brand unless it had stellar reviews/etc.

    • -1

      Lors and Vittoria are subpar pods and weak strength coffee.

      Try nespresso (Woolies ones) and Starbucks (which is also supplied by nespresso). I get them on sale usually 45 C each. Mocano is also decent.

    • +2

      Except Lior and Vittoria don't come close to actual Nespresso pods or Starbucks (Nespresso makes the Starbucks pods anyways).
      Tried all. Only get Nespresso pods now, and with their usual deals,my price for Nespresso pods comes to about .67 cents a pod.

      • +1

        If you are set on Nespresso, have a look at the subscription plans, as you get 10% bonus.

        E.g. $50 every month (or two months), and they give you $55 credit.

        • +1

          I find if I wait till they have the buy 150 get 20 free+gift, works out for me.
          I just keep buying the welcome box that you have to call to get. $113 for the 150cap welcome box. Comes to around .66cents a capsule. More than happy with that.

          • @he11bent: You can keep getting the welcome offer? Is it not a one off offer?

            • +1

              @dreamykitten: Technically, not supposed to. But I talk my way into getting it.

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    Pod & Parcel are my go-to Nespresso compatible pods. I’ve tried so many others including Nespresso’s own pods, Starbucks (some are ok), L’OR, Vittoria and St Ali. None of them come close to Pod & Parcel’s. They have subscription and rewards program so not too badly priced for a decent cup of coffee. Only downside with pod coffee in general is that it generally requires two pods for a coffee of decent strength.

    Just ordered a sample pack of Podifiy - at $7 I don’t mind giving them a try.

  • Oos…. Missed out

  • +1

    Sold out. Expired

  • Missed out :(

    I actually like almost every pod I've tried and appreciate the differences, heard these are the best though

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