Help Me to Find - Electric Scooter for 9 Year Old

Hi Guys,

I am looking for an electric scooter for a nine year old boy.. can anyone suggest me a good one please - around $300

Thank you!!


  • Before you buy one, check your state laws on electric scooter. I know for sure in SA and VIC you can only ride electric scooters/Hoover boards/electric skateboards on public property. It’s against the law to ride them anywhere public (footpaths/roads etc). I know lots of kids have them but it could cost you a fine…

  • If you're in Melbourne, these are illegal to to use unless it's on private property.

    • when you see everyone riding on roads / footpaths / parks —- its hard to convince our son about this law.. At least I will get him to ride around the house

  • I brought my daughter a Segway Kids Zing E8 (when she was 7 - now 8). She loves it. Does about 15k top speed and has a range of around 10k. I think there is also a E10 but I don't know much about this one (bigger).

  • Nah. He’s 9yo buy him something that requires energy input from a human.

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