Lenovo Legion 5i Pro 3070 Pricing Transparency

Hey everyone, the reason I have posted this is to help current and future buyers of the legion products to be aware of terrible pricing method of Lenovo, where depending on the sales rep you get you could either pay 2.8k or 2.4k for the same exact product.

I recently purchased the Lenovo Legion 5i Pro 3070 for $2818, whilst someone on this exact forum got it for around 2.4k 3 hours after I purchased it.
This sort of lack of transparency from Lenovo needs to be addressed so what I'm asking is if people who purchased the Legion 5i Pro 3070 or any other Legion product to write their order number to help others get pricing matches. In order for Lenovo to not do this odd pricing strategy and to held accountable through evidence ( order numbers ).

Thank you all!

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    You need to cross-check the complete specs. Could be 15" vs 16". You could have double RAM as the other one etc.

    i5-11400H -> i7-11800H is a $300 upgrade alone.

    Price alone isn't a sufficient marker.

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      hey yeah that's true however it was the exact same product same specs etc. and I got it for 2.8k instead of 2.4k thats why I made this forum for people to potentially post order numbers of the good prices they got so others won't be in essence 'scammed'

  • Lenovo Legion 7i
    W10 Pro
    32GB RAM
    3080 165w


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    Can you talk us through how different prices constitute a lack of transparency?

    • So basically lets say you order the legion 5i pro right firstly already there are 3 different options the regular store / student store and business store. These all have different prices, which is okay it makes sense I guess. However then you have the online chat feature which to me is a lack of transparency as you can negotiate with them a better price to put in perspective for you.

      I made 3 accounts, same exact product in the space of 30 minutes I got 3 different prices for the legion 5 pro one being 2.8k one being 2.7k and im being 2.6k all from different sales representatives. and I asked multiple times is this the best price and they all responded yes this is the best price I can do.

      Hence this sort of bargaining for prices on paper is completely okay however if this changes 3 times in 30 minutes depending on the person you speak to it shows a large lack of transparency, as when I questioned them that I got offered 2.6k on the same product they would ask for a quote number or else they don't want to help out.

      Therefore the lack of transparency is clear as its basically a dice roll on who you speak with to get a desired price, and this happens often.

      • So, to be clear, your concern is that via online chat you can negotiate a cheaper price?

        I mean - that is a reasonable position I suppose. Odd to frame it in terms of transparency though.

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          My concern is that 2 people can go into online chat and the same time and get two different prices depending on who they are speaking to and what they say. To me that's an issue in transparency as when you ask for the best price and they give you a figure that is relatively higher than what someone else got on the same day, it opens the floodgates to a lot of BS.

  • It also doesn't help when edu pricing is factored in. That's an extra dimension to consider.

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    This is standard dishonest business practice of Lenovo, add to that terrible customer service

    • definitely I'm still chasing them up to get a fair price! Even though I have already provided so much evidence. It is shocking that they continue to run like this.

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        Well people keep buying from them despite their crap so not much incentive to change. I wish there was a windows equivalent to apple which would shake up the industry from a quality, service, customer service and supply chain perspective

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    This is the same everywhere in every business. So why are you complaining? It just mean that you did not do your due diligence and/or bad at negotiation and got a bad deal.

    Its like complaining car dealer or real estate agency are not transparent because you negotiated a bad deal.

    • I think you are missing the point here ; comparing a car dealership or a real estate agency makes no sense within this situation. 2 people at the same time can go into the online chat and get different prices and these two people haven't done anything different and have gotten two separate prices. I even tested it i made two different accounts and said the same thing and got two different prices.
      Brushing it over like it's nothing is delusional and businesses should be held accountable especially in the computer industry we aren't selling a car or real estate property here.

      And most people in this forum feel the same, I'm trying to look out for consumers who deal with Lenovo so they are aware and can get the best price in the future.

      If that counts as not doing my ' due diligence and complaining ' then so be it.

      :) Good day sir

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        Two people can go to the same jb hifi store to negotiate with two different salespeople (or the same salesperson) to buy the same laptop and get two complete different prices.

        It is buyers job to do his research and his negotiation and this is the way it has been for the entire human civilization. Got a bad deal, then walk away, Lenovo didn't put a gun to your head and forced you to buy.

        So what is your point?

        Business accountable for what? Business is only accountable to their shareholders, their goal is to make as much money off as possible, not to save you money. You're the delusional one here mate.

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          No point of furthering this conversation your bias is holding you back my friend. Multiple people in the thread felt the same, all I'm doing is helping future consumers know that this is happening in Lenovo.

          Since you are so intelligent and know it all there's no point of you being here to try and diminish someone's point when it is valid.

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            @Yungdre23: You're the only who opened a thread on the topic and now you are trying to silence an opinion that you don't agree with? And what bias am I exhibiting?

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