Does Zip Perform Credit Check for Limit Increases?

Hi, I received an email from Zip, offering to increase limit from $1000 to $2000. Just wondering if they perform another credit check for limit increase ? Is it a good idea to have higher limits, I usually use Zip only when they are running a good offer.

I have looked up online and can't find it on Zip site.


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    I went for the upgrade, but I can't see any record of it in any of my credit files. Does that answer your question?

    • Yeah, means they don't check when they have offered themselves.

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    I sent in a support ticket asking this and they said they do not perform credit checks if you accept a limit increase they offer you.

    • Thanks. Seems they don't check when they have offered themselves.

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    If BNPL companies are still allowed to offer credit limit increases, why aren't banks allowed to do so with credit cards? The Royal Commission made a big fuss about credit card limit increase invitations but BNPL somehow gets the green light. I don't see how this is any different.

    In my opinion, credit card limit increase invitations and retention incentives should have been allowed to stay.

    • Fintech play by different rules than credit lenders.

      The consumer protections under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act
      2009 (National Credit Act) do not apply to buy now pay later arrangements.
      This means that buy now pay later providers do not need to hold an Australian
      credit licence (credit licence) to provide these arrangements, nor comply with
      the responsible lending obligations.

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      credit/lending laws doesn't apply to non-interest charging product

  • Does anyone know the answer for this but for Latitude Pay instead?

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    I have Latitude, Afterpay and Zip pay. On my records it only shows Latitude and only the initial application.

  • Ahan .. Thanks to all .. seems its fine to proceed for limit increase.

  • Just curious on zip is there a best time to make a purchase so you get maximum days to pay back with no fees or does it go from day of purchase?.
    So say i used it tomorrow when would payment be requested end of next month or this month.
    Im thinking of paying off current balance and spend again tomorrow but not if im required to pay by end of this month.
    Zip pay not zip money thanks

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