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Panasonic DP-UB820 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player with Dolby Vision & HDR10+ Support $518 + Delivery ($0 to Select Areas) @ JB Hi-Fi


Not the cheapest it's ever been but a very decent deal, considering how good this player is. If you want a player with Dolby Vision, this is definitely the way to go!

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    When are these puppies going to drop down in price? It's not new tech anymore. Was hoping they'd be in the 200-300 range by now.

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      Buy an old one if you think it's not new tech.

      • What does this one do that the Xbox One S for like $300 doesn't?

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          Dolby Vision, frustratingly Xbox supports DV in games and on streaming services but not with 4K Blu-Ray playback

          • @nciano01: Does Panasonic tv even support Dolby Vision? i thought they were in the HDR10+ only camp along with Samsung.

            • @fuzor: As far as I can tell the TVs Panasonic released here don't do DV, but the players all do + the TVs they've gone on to release do too. Understandable for the player considering it won't necessarily be paired with a Panasonic TV.

            • @fuzor: Yes, my GZ1000 from last year supports all formats: Dolby Vision; HDR10+; HDR and I think it's called HLG ? Pairs up brilliantly with the 820.

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      Me too, I would have hoped by now we'd have a player in that price range with a Dolby Vision implementation with no caveats.

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        You can grab the ub450 UK important on Amazon for 350ish

        • Hmm, had a look at that one, assuming that wouldn't work with our Region 4 DVDs?

          • @nciano01: Would be region 2, most disc players have a remote control dance to unlock multi region DVD though?

            • @reactor-au: Had a quick look and apparently you need a custom remote for that? Not 100% sure but if so would still work out to be cheaper than getting the 820

              • @nciano01: Sorry I'm not sure but maybe there is a service remote on eBay?

                • @reactor-au: Did a bit more research and apparently Panasonic offer a service to unlock the DVD player to play all regions, might give that a shot

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            @nciano01: If purchased in AU and registered with Panasonic AU, you get full support from Panasonic. You can receive an authorisation from Panasonic for your unit to their nearest approved agent (for free as it is warranty support) and they can unlock the DVD technology to ALL or 0 Region DVD. The standard Blu-ray will remain locked to Zone B, however 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray discs are ALL Zones and should't present a problem for playback.

            You can't hack these Panasonic units. You will need an authorised agent to do the DVD Region code change. Do it as soon as possible. These guys are going to be in short supply going forward like all other tradies.

            • @et tu brute: So would that include purchasing the 450 from Amazon? Or does that fall out of the support due to it being a UK model?

      • What's the caveat with this one?

        • Dvd region 2
          Maybe no WiFi as it's not listed on the spec sheet?

        • No caveat with this one (UB820) apart from the price. Meanwhile LG's DV doesn't work on some TV's (namely Sony), while Sony's DV doesn't auto-detect. UB450 has the same proper DV as the UB820 but is a UK exclusive hence only works with Region 2 DVDs. Not the biggest deal as 4K Blu-Rays are region-free, and us and the UK share the same Blu-Ray region (Region B).

    • What's the best it drops to $448 next month? Look at the previous sales. First month was $518 then one month later $448. This will line it up with the Black Friday sales 😁

  • Anyone know if these support Netflix Atmos and DV?

    • Yes, yes and yes, although I probably would use something else for Netflix as it is apparently quite sluggish on this particular player.

  • Anyone know what courier is standard?

    • No. Amazon uses a variety of shipment types from AusPost, DHL, Fastway etc. Amazon decides carrier if you are a Prime customer. You would need to contact Amazon direct to discuss if other arrangements may be available.

      • I meant JB, but I can answer that now, JB are using TOLL for standard shipping.

        • I was just trying to edit and was locked out when you posted your message., I meant to write as follows:

          "No. JB's use a variety of shipment carriers from AusPost, Fedex, DHL, Fastway etc. JBs decides the carrier. You would need to contact JBs direct to discuss if other arrangements may be available. Spell it out in the order just to be sure."
          Toll are pretty reliable here (Coffs Harbour). Have used them from time to time.

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    If you don't need Dolby Vision, the UB-420 is $246 and does everything else (including dual HDMI).

    The UB-450 (UK only) would be the middle ground if you need DV.

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      I have the 420 and strongly vouch for it

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      $232 @ Appliance Central and Amazon.

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    I have this player and think it's great (expensive for what it is though) BUT like people have said before it's getting old now and there hasn't been a firmware update for a while, so If I was thinking of buying one now I'd probably do my homework first and see if a new model is being released soon.

    • Funny u say that…. I’ve just seeing a new firmware update.. new version 1.69

      • LOL, just turned on the 820 after reading your comment and it is asking to update. There you go! First update since 2019, adds a "Playability of Blu-ray Disc" update.

  • Noob question, but does your TV also need to have Dolby Vision for you to see the benefit of buying a Blu-ray player with Dolby Vision?

    I have the LG C1 OLED. So I'm trying to determine if I need this or if I go with the cheaper model without Dolby Vision.

    • yes you will need support all the way through

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      Yep, you need your TV and the player to both support Dolby Vision. The C1 has DV support so you're good to go!

  • Happy to be corrected by someone more knowledgeable than me, but I can’t see any big differences vs this one:

    And this is an Australian LG model?

    • Yep, that's an Australian LG model, but there is a difference in the way that LG implemented Dolby Vision which means it is not compatible with all TVs (namely Sony TVs), would be best to do a bit of research to see if it works with your setup.

      • Interesting, this looks like a winner.

    • For $200 less, the LG appears to be better value

      • The lg is widely famous for freezing whilst playing triple layers discs. So does the Sony's.
        Also it hasn't had any updates since 2020.

        Ub820 is still the best out there. Unfortunately we are still paying heaps for it. But it's worth it

  • I have the UB420 but miss having a display.
    Want to upgrade to this for DV too, but cant help but wonder if will see a better price during black friday

  • Have a PS5. Does it really offer anything more than the player on the PS5?

    • Dolby Vision support is the main thing, if you're fine to miss out on that then the PS5 should be fine for you!

      • I thought ps5 had DV? No future update to get it?

      • did it a bit of reading this morning. Looks like Dolby Vision isn't exclusive to Xbox. Sony is free to update the PS5 to support it, provided they pay for the licence.
        Hell, depending on cost, I'd be willing to pay for the licence if it's in the region of $10-30

    • I'm not sure if the ps5 does 23.976fps. There are a lot of comparison videos on YouTube if it concerns you that you are missing out.

      • I thought all blu ray discs are done in 24fps

        • Ok I checked, its the Series X that skips frames on 23.976fps 4K bluray.

          The biggest issue with PS5 will be no dynamic HDR metadata support (DV, HDR10+)

  • How does it compare to PS5?

    • Dolby Vision support is the main thing, if you're fine to miss out on that then the PS5 should be fine for you!

    • There're videos on YouTube comparing ps5/xbox series X to ub820. Pretty similar performance. Overall ub820 still performing better backs and it has dolby vision

  • Just wait fellas. It'll drop even more by boxing day

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