Split Unit?

Hi, I am looking at getting an air conditioner (split unit) installed. I understand that their prices go through the roof during the hotter months and come down during the cooler months. My question is which months are the best to get them (having sweated through the summer)? Where to get a bargain? I found the unit I am interested on Billy Guyatt for $1.5k, where to get a bargain for the installation? Or will it be cheaper if I get supply and install? Thanks.



    Did you check Fujitsu? They are giving a $400 rebate (Visa Prepaid) for buying their split unit. Should cover your installation cost. Otherwise the store sometimes has contract with some installer, who they can recommend at a good price. I think The Good Guys does it.


    Bought a 7.4kw Fujitsu from HN for $1.5k last year during winter and got the rebate. Been happy with it so far.