Glass Door under Bench Bar Fridge

Help please.

Looking to purchase a new drinks fridge. This will be for beer and soft drinks only, so not looking for a wine cooler.
Fridge must be under bench style. The cavity space l have is 700 high x 600 wide x 600 depth.
Performance and cost efficiency over rides the bling appeal, but wanting something with a glass front.
Unit will be placed under bench in a laundry sized room.
I have read about some fridges having double/triple glazed, or E glass doors to help with the condensation. Some even have a heated door but are rather costly to run.
So many brands and models to choose from. Hoping others can help me narrow things down a little with some info on what choices they may have made and why.

Criteria: Must be under bench, Glass front, Quiet and efficient to run, Able to handle Brisbane's humidity/heat.

Here are a few of models l have been looking at.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions


  • Glass display fridges are not ideal to store beer as the beer can become light struck. (Especially clear bottles) If you find one with UV filtering glass that would be better.
    If your keen I’d be looking at a commercial model rather than these cheap ones.

    • Thanks for your advice. I doubt the beer will not be in the fridge long enough to be light affected though. : )

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    I just ordered the schmick for its low energy usage and because it believe it’s made by Skope, a commercial fridge manufacturer. It hasn’t arrived yet but I’ll let you know what it’s like tomorrow hopefully.

    • It arrived today, solid unit, seems to be cooling quite well on medium setting, on high I can notice it's running but it's not that loud tbh. You can always turn the light off to stop glass beer bottles from being light struck. I'm happy with it so far and the service from appliancesonline was great.

      • Cheers. Thanks for your response. So what model did you end up getting and what cost was it delivered?

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          I got the Schmick 88L, it was free delivery. Cost about $690 via ebay.

  • I have the husky. It is not quiet.

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