Prepaid Options with eSIM + VoLTE + Wifi Calling + 5G


Is anyone aware of any prepaid options with all of the following features: eSIM + VoLTE + Wifi Calling + 5G (preferred but not required, would settle for 4G)

I'm trying to compare between different telcos but didn't realise it would be so hard to get all the facts.


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    Voda has all except vowifi for prepaid

    • Bummer, I live in spot that has bad reception and vowifi would be a must.

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    Pretty sure none of the 3 networks offer all of what you’ve asked. Last time I looked (so admittedly it could’ve changed) Vodafone offered all but VoWiFi, Optus all but eSIM and Telstra all but 5G. MVNOs and sub-brands offered even less.

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    • Telstra prepaid has VoLTE/WiFi calling and now also has eSIM

  • Optus flex

    • eSIM
    • VoLTE
    • VoWifi
    • 5G (not sure)
  • Optus Flex has eSIM + VoLTE + Wifi Calling. Optus Flex doesn't support 5G only 4G.

    eSIM support
    WiFi calling support
    VoLTE support

    You can sign up for a free 7 days trial eSIM with a new number using the My Optus App to test out the eSIM to see if you like it. You can cancel your subscription straight after signing up and still have the 7 days access.

    If you want keep your mobile number then you have to go into a Optus Store or use Optus Online Messaging.

  • As mentioned above, Telstra $60 per month prepaid

  • Optus Flex supports 5G now.
    You can choose between an 4G only or 4G+5G prepaid plan.
    4G+5G prepaid plan cost double the 4G only prepaid plan.
    4G+5G prepaid plan you get double the data of the 4G only prepaid plan.
    4G+5G prepaid plan you get 300 minutes to 50 selected destinations.
    4G only prepaid plan you get 300 minutes to 50 selected destinations only if you buy an additional add on.

    4G only = $30/30GB/30 days
    4G+5G = $60/60GB/30 days

    • So same price with Telstra prepaid. At that price I reckon their postpaid maybe better as it has access to Optus sport as well.

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