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"FAST" Branded Hoodie US$1 Shipped (from USA) @ Fast.co


Copied from my Cheapies post. The deal was for yesterday's NASCAR event, the page has been updated to remove the "add to cart" option now, sorry folks.

FAST appears to be a payment processer over in the states. The 'giveaway' is tied to raceday for their NASCAR driver, Parker Kligerman.



I don't think using the same email time and again will work, or if using the same CC number will flag your account or anything… So if some of you smart Cheapies wants to test, be my guest…

Parker Goes Fast Rules

Please read the following rules for the Parker Goes Fast promotion on October 24, 2021:

Limit one (1) Fast hoodie per customer during the promotion; multiple orders will be cancelled
Discount in the amount of $29.00 USD will be automatically applied to one (1) Fast hoodie
Offer valid while supplies last, and we'll probably sell out so buy Fast
Customer must have a registered Fast account with a valid payment method to purchase
We ship worldwide, but customers outside the U.S. may incur import fees
All orders will be shipped no later than November 22, 2021
All sales final; no returns or exchanges on purchase of $1 Fast hoodies

About The Fast Hoodie

You've seen them all over the Internet, now you can wear one too! Stay warm and move Fast with the original Fast hoodie featuring our sleek wordmark printed on a range of popular colors. Experience the speed of Fast Checkout when you purchase your very own Fast hoodie in the size and color of your choice.

Premium print of the Fast logo
52% Airlume combed and ring-spun cotton, 48% polyester fleece
Unisex sizing
Kangaroo pockets
Ribbed cuffs and waistband

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    I wonder how fast the shipping is.

    • +1

      With printing and international shipping, probably not very lol… At least you guys in Aus would more likely get it before us kiwi's :/

      And anyway, you're getting into the season of 40 degree weather shortly.

  • +2

    May not arrive. Not enough flights to Australia from US so they are returning to sender

  • No longer available clicking on link

  • page is gone

    • +1


      That was fast


  • You could say the deal ended FAST

  • 404 Error - Page Deal not found

  • +2

    Lol… Sorry guys, they've now removed the page. Should have thought about posting it here yesterday. Apparently, they give away things on the regular, but I hope someone got one. Will try and get y'all something in the future.

    • +2

      Got and order confirmation.. Let's wait and see

      • Glad to hear :)

  • +1

    Hey I got one :) Thanks OP. Checked the bank and got charged $1.34. No cancellation email yet

  • +2

    Order got cancelled :(

    • me too.

      • Sorry guys. I suspect that the page was up for longer than they intended. I ordered 6 yesterday with different CC's/emails and I've not yet had any cancelled, nor have my other family members.

  • +1

    They've joked about giving away more hoodies, so I expect they'll be more in the future for those who missed out. https://twitter.com/fast/status/1452725608635633673

  • +1

    Ordered and confirmed. They threw in a sticker too. Not yet cancelled. Fingers crossed. Thanks OP.

  • +2

    If anyone wants, I still have a grey medium in my cart from yesterday and $1.67 on a gift card. PM me and I'll see if can still send it to somoene.


  • +1

    I wasn’t fast enough!

  • +1

    Order cancellation was 'FAST'

  • +1

    Too Fast. Missed Out. I’m Furious.

    • too fast, too furious

      • +1

        That’s the joke.

  • +1

    The page is back up and showing that black large is in stock. Y'all can give it a try, I suspect most will receive a cancelled order but maybe some of you could get in there

    EDIT: Nvm they've removed the add to cart option

  • +1

    out of stock, that went FAST

  • Well that was fast but looks like I got one. Awaiting order confirmation.

  • Wasn't fast enuf :(

  • That was quick

  • Can't believe there's a company named after my sex life.

  • Order cancelled

    • When did you order it?

  • +1

    I got mine honored after complaining. I received an email before days ago that I canceled myself my order which I didn’t. So I sent messages to their customer service and got a unique code to use, that I can still get it for a dollar.

    Whoever’s order also got canceled maybe try to contact them if your email said that YOU canceled…

    Email from FAST:

    Hi Daniel,

    Thank you for contacting the official Fast Store, and for your patience. I’m very sorry that you experienced trouble submitting an order during our recent Parker Goes Fast promotion for $1 hoodies. We’d love to send you a Fast hoodie, so to make this right we will honor the promotional price.

    Please visit the Fast Store at https://store.fast.co/fast-hoodie. Enter the coupon code Xxxxxxxxxxxx during checkout to buy the Fast hoodie for just $1. Please submit your order ASAP, as this unique code expires on November 30, 2021. The code can be used only once.

    Please let me know if you any questions or concerns. If not, enjoy the hoodie when it arrives!
    General Manager, Fast Store

  • I just got an email saying my hoodie has been dispatched

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Can confirm that it was delivered.

    • Oh nice! How is it? I've yet to receive mine yet. I have one out for delivery and two more returned to sender for some reason… I've emailed them about those ones :/

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