Bose NCH 700 - Second-Hand Resale

Had a question, i'm about to try and resell my Bose NCH 700s which, for reference:
- I purchased last year in Oct/Nov through Qantas Store Bose Sale (probably paid too much still imo),
- Have used sparingly for work calls as I have the XM4s,
- Have case, box and all cables associated.

What would a fair resale be for buyer and seller in this situation, going off other people's attempted sales of $300+ I can only feel that they're attempted resale is overinflated.

I guess a real question of who has the resale formula to solve everything????


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    The way I do it is:
    * I search the item I want to sell on eBay (as that's where I sell most of my used stuff)
    * I click 'Used' under Condition
    * I click 'Sold items' under Show only

    This is the result for your headphones.

    It seems people are buying them for $250-$300.

    • Thanks mate good advice! I've used it!!

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    I guess a real question of who has the resale formula to solve everything????

    There is no formula. The buyers dictate the market value depending on supply and demand.

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    Advertise it for what you would be happy to pay for one second hand.

    If you need to get rid of it quickly, make it a bargain. If you are in no hurry to sell it, make it a little more expensive.

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    problem is most seller is thinking of what they have paid and try to sell close to that price because the item condition is still good, they refuse to see CURRENT brand new prices in the shop.
    one told me i dont care how much now (ie 400), i bought for 500, still have box so i want 450 - dont low ball me !

    • Yeah also definitely hard to discern what fair value is when it's brand new in store, e.g. Macpac/Kathmandu jackets are RRP $300 but actual value is like $100 on sale so have to be conscious. But thanks for the advice to not believe my product is gods gift to the used marketplace

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    For most quick sales I tend to use the 50-30-10 rule.

    Near to new items 50 percent of the retail price.

    Slightly used items at 25-30 percent of the retail price.

    Well worn items at 10 percent of the retail price.

    Something in brand new condition, unused, or hard to find, I'll add an extra 10% or so

    • Thanks for this - might use in future for other sale items :)

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      Unless you are trying to sell a PS5, then it will

      New: 50% more
      Have 3 in stock: 30% more
      Have 10 in stock: 10% more

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