Travelling to the UK in January - book flights now, or wait?

Hoping to get to the UK mid-January for around 10 days, and am not sure if we should be booking flights now, or waiting a couple weeks - will more flight routes be added in the coming weeks?

Obviously it's impossible to know for sure, but what are your thoughts?

Thanks, and don't have a good day - have a great day.


  • I'm in the same quandary and watching flights daily. I don't think they'll get cheaper.

    Many airlines are offering flexibility with date changes though so it's tempting to just book.

    Also check your visa/residency status eligibility, particularly for coming back.

  • Find out what fine print will be on travel insurance on what it will cover before during and getting home…

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    Back to the UK to see Aunty Liz or Aunty Hersha?

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      Haiyaaaaa need a new shirt

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        Or maybe to see your niece and nephews?

  • Whatever it is just make sure the ticket is flexible. UK under pressure to into a mask mandate at the moment due to their sustained high numbers so no idea what next.

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    Just curious. Under current rules, to fly back to Australia, you need to present a negative Covid PCR test within 72 hours before the flight time. So I am just wondering, what would you do if you do have a postive result and need to delay the return for up to 14 days. Are you in a position to do that with regards to work and any other considerations?

    • This is the thing that’s really preventing me from booking o/s travel now. I wouldn’t book anything while this was in place. Having to potentially fund an additional 14 days’ accommodation, the potential higher cost of the changed return airfare (x3 because I’d be travelling with my kids), work being pissed off that they had to cover my absence for two weeks longer … Just not feasible.

  • The less desirable flights are getting cheaper it’s still 2700-3k for good airlines, $16-1800 for the rest.
    I think if you could find one for $1800 I’d book it.

  • A good Ozbargainer would have hoarded Qantas points

    • a good ozbargainer used all qantas points on late night domestic flights, and got to the airport lounge at 10am and got wasted every weekend for a year, repeat on the way back…. if your to pissed to get the flight no big deal, you hated your destination anyway

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