Get a $150 Coles Voucher When You Sign up to a New Unlimited or Premium nbn $95/Month or above Plan @ Telstra


Receive a $150 Coles Voucher when you sign up to a NEW Unlimited or Premium NBN $95/month plan (or above) with Telstra. Telstra has the fastest NBN speeds and most reliable service in Australia. The voucher can be used for anything store wide in all Coles stores nationally. Join today to sign up for this amazing deal and get the $99 connection fee waived today!

Visit the website -
Call to sign up on - 1800 844 998
Text you name and preferred callback time to - 0488 883 226

You'll receive your Coles digital gift card via email within 21 days after your service has been activated.

Min cost $217 for new customers who cancel after 1 mth.

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    Get the $99 connection fee waived wow amazing, funny how Aussie BB or Superloop don't charge these ridiculous fees 🤦‍♂️

    $95 per month for 50/20 wow what an offer….

  • +8

    Even with that voucher, Telstra NBN is too expensive.

  • Wrong link in post OP

  • +9

    Telstra increased price on my 100/40 NBN plan and HALVED upload speed which makes no sense. I have churned to Superloop after all.

    • what's your churn cycle? any tips

      • I have been with Telstra over 6 years, just a beginner :) I reckon major NBN providers give incentives/discounts for first 6 months usually? like ABB, SL etc.

  • Minimum cancellation fee $217 - being $216 for the modem and $1 for the first month. Mmm I have a Smart Modem Gen 2 sitting around - I wonder if they'd waive the modem fee? (Put up with a couple of months of Telstra, get the Coles voucher and churn to SL, ABB, FBB, or Launtel…)

    • They will waive the modem for the free month but not the coles gift card.

  • Can existing customers get the deal?

    • Probably only if they port out, and back in (through the link)

  • Why nobody neg this? This price is a rip-off even with a $150 gift card.

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