Best Dry Ginger Ale as a mixer

Hi all,

Just wondering what your thoughts are on the best Dry Ginger Ale as a mixer. I have been using the Schweppes and Fever Tree (too exxy) but prefer the Canada Dry as the mixer, however, can't seem to find any in physical stores.

What do you lot think is the best Dry Ginger Ale for whisky?


  • +1

    +1 for Fever Tree, if you must pollute your whisky.

    • Ye it's only a slight pollution and only for the basic whiskys haha.

  • Capi, much cheaper than Fever Tree while better than Schweppes.

  • Try Dan Murphys for Canada Dry.

    Not all stores stock it so you may have to hunt around or your local store may order it in for you.

  • I find Kirks to be a nice ginger drink.

    • Yeah right, didn’t even know they had it. Will look it up.

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