What Happened to Sushi World's Soy Sauce?

I know Sushi World is a point of contention for some people, but recent changes to the franchise has made me disappointed. They have seemed to phase out their old soy sauce recipe for the generic soy sauce fishes now, which is extremely disappointing.

To me, Sushi World's old soy sauce recipe was amazing. The perfect blend of sweet and savory to complement any Sushi dish, which made me value their old fat plastic fishes. The store at Broadway even sold bottles of soy sauce a while back. However now with the new changes to unify the chain, they've gone with generic salty soy sauce which tastes nothing like their original stuff.

Does anyone know why they've changed? And if possible, is it possible to find a substitute if they were using a specific brand of soy sauce before?

It honestly sucks since so many of my favorite food products have become discontinued, and finding replacements that scratch that taste itch is really difficult.

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