How many gift cards can I use at Ikea online?

I'm looking to buy a heap of IKEA gift cards on ShopBack (15 x $200) (with recent Coles 10% off Mastercards) and am wondering is there a limit of IKEA gift cards to use during the check out process that anyone knows of? Their terms say no limit on the use of gift cards, however it's unclear of whether that means a limit on one single card, or multiple? Any examples would be great, thanks!

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    Not a direct answer to your question, but if you add multiple Coles prepaid mastercards to SB it may trigger a security hold and stop you from adding more after about 3 or so cards, so don't count on being able to use all 15 cards at once.

    • Thanks for the tip! Cheers

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    I asked before and they said 99 gift card in one checkout.

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    For those interested, or anyone who searches this post in the future.. I bought a whole stack of $200 IKEA Gift cards at 4 discount from ShopBack (over a few days), using my ANZ black rewards (also 1% point rebate roughly). In total, I bought 29 x $200 gift cards, totalling $5800, and used them all on an order of $5808 from IKEA. All worked no problems.

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      Thank you!! You have saved me so much money!! Did you buy your stuff in store to use? I also have a number of westfield gift cards I am going to try and use at the counter as well

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        I think in total we saved about $230-250 overall (once you take credit card point rebates into it). I bought it all online, and could even use the gift cards to discount the delivery (which was $299 in total). I will say it was a pretty cumbersome process to do, copy and pasting 29 gift cards is enough to go a little square in the eyes.. however, for maybe 20-30 mins worth of work and double/triple checking things etc, was well worth the $250 odd savings!

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