Anyone with Any Billiard/Pool Table Experience

I'm looking at getting a half size 8'x4' recreational pool table pending approval from the boss.

Apart from gumtree/marketplace which I'm not keen on, there are only a few places in Sydney that sells tables. I can get a new table which based on google have very mixed reviews since it's just pre-packaged from China, or spend 4x the amount on a high end table. Does anyone have any experiences to share? Anyone have a table or have any tips about buying one? Cheers.


  • I've bought one pool table in my life - so don't have a much to compare with; but we paid a bit more and got it from a specialist local pool table manufacturer; and I have no regrets. It's been flawless. And the service was excellent, delivered on time, positioned it perfectly in the room, levelled it up. Never had any problems with it.

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    May be stating the obvious, but slate base, the thicker the better.

    And make sure you have sufficient room around the table (there are guides online), because playing pool on a table without sufficient room is the worst.

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      This comment reminded me of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer and Frank Costanza play pool.

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        Yep, a mate of mine effectively had that set up and that's exactly what playing a game was like. Kind of funny for the first couple of frames, after that just a pain in the jacksie.

    • I didn't know about the slate thickness and now reading about it so thank you. Glad I posted this.

      Yes, I was planning to get 3/4 table but now looking at 1/2 because of room size.

      • If it is just for fun, a 7'x3.5' will be fine as well. That is normal pub size.

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      We had a cheap and nasty table when I was young and anything hit down the side cushions would gradually curve inwards. Home ground advantage was a big plus!

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    I had one many many years ago. Got it from a place on Barney St in North Parramatta about 23 years ago. Had a look and (not surprisingly) its not there anymore. However digging around a little its possible that they have moved to Minchinbury and may have been called Master Billiards. It was this kind —>

    It was very expensive - but it was 100% worth it in my opinion. They were basically made to order and had to wait about 3-4 months (from memory?) but it was a good table. Although when I moved i left the table behind and sold it along with the house (too hard/heavy to move!)

    Definitely get a slate table like mentioned above and everything djkelly said is 1000% true and needs to be considered. One other thing is also make sure you've got adequate lighting.

    • thank you, I'm looking into them now. Looks promising

      • They must have moved relatively recently as I remember seeing their shop there on Barney St not too long ago. Maybe got sick of all the construction going on around there…

  • 100% get slate. Do not bother otherwise. You can get some excellent bargains second hand. Don't be scared to pickup a cheapy and simply pay to get new felt.

    • I am considering this but it seems getting it dismantled and re-felted might cost about $500-$1000. I'm thinking maybe a second hand from a proper shop

      • Woah, probably 12 years since I got a quote but back then was around ~$200. Definitely get quotes as you can pickup some dirt cheap quality slate tables that no one wants because of a felt rip.

  • People nearly give away good slate tables at times, moving house, wife wants it gone etc. They are (obviously) a pain to move, so generally go really cheap. Get the felt redone and off you go.

  • slate top is great, but the weight makes it a permanent fixture of the house …

    new rubbers, felt and pockets were quoted at $650 for me in Adelaide …

    if it's just to slap around a few balls, go for a cheapie, chipboard top will be fine for a year and if it gets good use, upgrade later

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