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Mixed Tinnies Carton (BB 07/07/22) $55 + Delivery (Free over $100 Spend) @ Sydney Brewery


Carton for $55

Pale Ale
Dark Lager
East Coast IPA
Lumberjack Rye IPA
Smooth Talker Porter

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  • Seems like a decent price for craft beer!

  • 24 cans?

    • I'd say its a 4 pack of each so yeah, 24. Best for them to confirm though

    • seems cheap considering all their other 'cases' are ~$70, would want to confirm its 24 not 16 for sure.

      • It's 24, the photo in the email showed the 24 can cases. Also, still available

    • Looks to be based on Dan Murphys website

  • Nice! They are probably happy to sell it at cost or with little profit just so people can try them out. I like the thinking, I really enjoy some craft beers but often the price stops me from trying out new ones I don't wanna be paying premium prices unless I know it's a top drop lol

  • I got a mixed slab from these guys last year. It was decent stuff.

  • +1

    6 bucks delivery for me. Thanks, got one.

  • Fan of the IPA.
    They have run good sales in the past, and have 24 cans in a case.

    I think they are still owned by Dr Schwartz, who is not short of a quid, so they can afford a discount.

    • Their summer2020 code lasted for ages, got a few $60 slabs on that deal. All were great.

  • said sold out in checkout :(

  • All gone?
    "Sorry, we do not have enough "Mixed Tinnies Carton" in stock to fulfil your order (0 available). We apologise for any inconvenience caused."

  • Already out of stock, lol. Bummer, I needed something new to try.

  • had a few cases from here this year and its a good quality product, shame its sold out already

  • Damn it i was waiting for them to confirm if it is 24 cans :(

    • Can confirm 24 cans but its too late now haha

      • Looks like its back in stock again, please report if it goes out of stock again. The email I got about it showed 24 can cases so yes, you're right.

  • [STOCK BACK] Looks like stock BACK. Just bought!

    • gone again ….

  • +1

    Great series of beers, hint to Canberra residents, Mecure Olims is a Sydney Brewery stockist and have cases for $50 and on tap for a schooner in the beer garden while observing social distancing.

  • Sorry all, posted this when I got the email and promptly forgot about it. Hope a few of you got a slab or two.

  • Back in stock!

  • Looks like it's back in stock. Anyone interested in combining freight to order a slab each, so free delivery, in Brisbane? I can order and you can pick up from me in Redcliffe or South Brisbane

  • ordered sweet

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