iPad Pro - Replaced under Consumer Law, What's The Go with New Warranty?

Hey peeps

Had an iPad Pro 12.9" 2020 (dop 28/04/2020) replaced with brand new unit by Apple the passing weekend under consumer law as the Genius Bar didn't have the parts to repair it.

My parents have been wanting a smaller iPad but never acted on it as they also expected a repair instead of replacement. I'd like to sell the replacement to fund what they want instead. Called Apple tech support and they were not able to clarify the warranty as the device has never been activated.

I found info on Apple Certified repairs, but can't seem to pinpoint a brand new replacement unit's warranty. Can someone shed some light? Do I get a full 12 months of apple warranty on top of the 24 months consumer law again? Ta


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    You get another 2 years of warranty on the replacement iPad, I've done this before and confirmed by Apple regarding the extra warranty.

    • Really? So you wait until your iPad is 23 months old, take it in and have it replace for a "problem", then get another 2 years warranty? Maybe apple is different, buy that's not how it works from anyone else.

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        Technically, no. Warranty on the new item is the remainder of the original product is the norm.

        However, ACL is a different ball game here in Australia. So the item has to be fit for purpose for a reasonable period under consumer law.

        Just had that with EBGames this week. PS5 DualSense controller R2 spring snapped 11 months in. They swapped it on the spot and when I asked coverage for the new one, she said it would be covered within "reasonable use and time".

        There's no real defined period of what "reasonable" is though so it'll be hit and miss for people.

        People commonly confuse warranty and ACL coverage.

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        Not quite. Apple will only replace it if they can see a fault, hence why they run really thorough diagnostics.

        You can't create a problem and have it replaced

    • This 2yrs, is specifically Apple warranty? As in when they go to the about page it'll indicate 2yrs there? Just trying to think how I can easily prove to the buyer.

      • A new Apple receipt was generated when they gave me a replacement iPhone they also emailed this to me as proof of purchase. Same thing happened when they gave me a replacement iPad.

    • When I got a replacement iPhone X I was told the exact same thing that I would get another two years warranty on the replacement phone. When I registered and set it up again it did show the new purchase date as the new date item purchased.

    • Doesn't work on non-activated devices.

  • Hot tip 1: Apple Stores don’t repair iPads, because of the immense difficulty getting into an iPad. If an iPad is found to be defective, Apple will offer to provide you with a replacement (refurbished) unit.

    Hot tip 2: Don’t confuse warranty and Australian Consumer Law coverage.

    An iPad repaired (or more likely replaced) by Apple in Australia will come with a warranty in addition to Australian Consumer Law coverage.

    Apple Warranty On Repairs

    Clause 6 of Apple’s repair terms and conditions state you only get a 90 day warranty on repairs done outside of the warranty period:

    If your product is repaired outside of warranty, Apple warrants (1) that the repairs will be performed in a competent and workmanlike manner and (2) that all parts used to repair your product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ninety (90) days, unless otherwise specified by Apple.

    Australian Consumer Law

    An iPad originally purchased in Australia from Apple or its authorised retailers also comes with consumer guarantees under Australian Consumer Law; one of these guarantees is that a product must be of acceptable quality. Apple has interpreted this to mean that they will provide repairs or replacements for a minimum of 24 months from a device’s purchase date, but they acknowledge that they may provide repairs or replacements beyond 24 months.

    Additionally (and most importantly to your question), if you receive a replacement device from Apple in Australia, it also comes with consumer guarantees. You will be covered for repairs or replacement under Australian Consumer Law for a minimum of 24 months from the date you were issued the replacement device (and you may receive repairs or replacements beyond 24 months).

    Keep in mind the coverage afforded to you under Australian Consumer Law is only applicable if you are in Australia at the time you request repairs or a replacement; if you are overseas (e.g. United States) and your device becomes faulty and you’re outside Apple’s 90 day period, Apple in the United States won’t help you.

    I have two anecdotes for you:

    1) I had an iPad Mini that was originally purchased overseas in late 2013, and I paid for an out-of-warranty replacement at an Australian Apple Store in 2014. When that replacement became faulty in 2015 (13 months later), I received a replacement iPad Mini from the Apple Store free of charge under Australian Consumer Law. When that replacement became faulty in 2017 (23 months later), I received another replacement iPad Mini from the Apple Store free of charge under Australian Consumer Law.

    2) I had an iPad Pro that was originally purchased in 2017. I took it to an Apple Store in late 2019, because it had a defective screen. Even though I brought it in to the Apple Store 26 months after the original purchase date, the Genius Bar staff member said I should be eligible for a replacement device free of charge pending manager approval, and the manager approved the replacement.

    • I had read all of bits separately but did not string them together in such a way. Thanks for the clarification that was really helpful, appreciate it :)

    • Don't get consumer law confused with Apple voluntary warranty, despite Apple saying it's under Consumer Law, or their interpretation of it.
      Consumer Law states that the replacement product will have the remaining warranty left of the replace product.
      Apple volunteer to restart the warranty on their replacement decicest and like to say it's because of ACL.

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    My only anecdotal stories is that the refurb replacements have 1 year Apple warranty once you activate but I have no docs or url to refer you to. You can still roll up and Karen the extra year in the genius bar and if you fit between the space of timid customer who is turned away and them calling security to chuck you out you will get what u want.

    • I've had security called on me in the apple store after they refused to fix my watch. It just kept turning itself off after about an hour off charge. They told me there was nothing wrong with it. I refused to leave until they fixed it and I was removed by security.

      • I rest my case…

        • Love to know why I'm being downvoted….

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    replaced with brand new unit

    Are you sure?

    Typically they replace with refurbished units.

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