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2-in-1 Vacuum and High Power Cordless Air Duster $76.49 Delivered @ MIICOO-AU Amazon AU


Little vacuum/blower for tricky spot on your Lego or computers. Imho can't replace compressed can but pretty handy nevertheless.

Price is not the best ever but nothing beats Amazon warranty thought.

Don't forget to tick the 15% off at checkout on product page.

P.S: Amazon shows brand BYEBUG but I was actually being sent an Opolar unit.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Just be aware that Amazon isn't the seller:

    Ships from
    Sold by

    Seller seems fine though from reviews.

    Edit: ignore my report, didn't see OP's title edit.

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      Cheers. I did changed it because of reading your comment.

  • Can vouch for these, they are very good for cleaning out my PC and keyboard.
    Also the vacuum is handy to have as well if you don't want to just blow the dust away.

    Picked one of these up when OPOLAR had a sale going, beats a can of compressed air.
    Sadly only Micro-B USB port, would have liked USB-C but can't complain for the price.

    • My micro USB port is having issues… god I hate them.
      Gonna crack it open and see if it’s shifted off the board.
      Edit: the previous model is still going strong

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    This came in very handy last week. Fly flew into my mum's ear and couldn't get out. Used this to suck it out.

    • Would have loved to see the vid of that one. What a plug it would be for this vac… possible uses… sucks flies out of your ears…

  • Wouldn't recommend. Overpriced, nothing beats compressed air cans and the vacuum is almost useless, it hardly sucks at all.

    • Agree

    • I used to buy compressed air cans from Officeworks, they seemed to leave a moist residue which was concerning using on pc components, I had more confidence using this as an alternative, while not as powerful as the can. The vacuum is useless.

  • Anyone recommend an electric duster / vacuum that i can use for cleaning the PC? Are the nylon brush heads anti static?

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    Used mine today to clean the pc, worked pretty well, leaves that one thin layer of dust that just won't move, but the runtime, the fact it doesnt get cold, and you can use it upside down without reside makes it better than canned air for me.

    • Having said that don't buy it for the vacuum, it's a novelty

      • I found the vacuum suck a little bit. OTOH the blower worked quite well on my keyboard and computer fan.

  • Just get the normal one without the vacuum because that vacuum canister is blocking the way and it is so tiny, it is hardly any use.

  • I bought one last year and am very pleased with it.

    In fact, I have gone too far with this now and I use it for lifting food crumbs on the floor. With two very little ones, the mess is too frequent and inevitable. Pulling out the hand vacuum cleaner every time is not convenient. The best part, have trained the kids to use it and they find it fun to clear their own mess.

    I also use the blower to inflate balloons. :)

    Not an ideal use, but works for me and I am happy to write it off if it dies one day on me! it has given me the dividends already..:)

  • I don't see any 15% off at checkout on product page?

    • Seem like the deal has been expired.

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