Will an Apple Watch Fit Me if I Have an Android Phone and an iPad Pro?

Looking to get a smartwatch with fitness tracking and I'm currently considering the Apple Watch. I am mainly an android/windows person but have an iPad Pro so do have an iOS system with me. Will that be sufficient to get the most out of the watch?


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    Happy to be corrected but I don't think Apple Watches work with iPads

    Edit: OP, see if you can download the Watch App on your iPad

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    "Will that be sufficient to get the most out of the watch?"


    Apple's ecosystem is tightly integrated, so there are benefits to having more of their devices (the watch, for example, acts as an authenticator in some situations - eg unlocking your phone when you have a mask on and face rec cannot work properly…sounds trivial, but in real life it's a nice thing).

    As far as I'm aware, you won't be able to pair it up with your Android phone either…so you'll lose a lot of the notification benefits. Can it hang on the same mobile account though (virtual SIM)? Interesting question…I'd love to know the answer.

    Will it work as a watch? Will it still count steps, record exercise etc etc? Provided you can activate it with your iPad (I'm unsure about that though, so you need to do some research), it should be fine.

    Apple Watch won't just work out of the box. First thing it wants to do when you turn it on is pair with your iPhone for setup. It's not an independent device. If you're all in on the Apple ecosystem though, it does all work nicely together (for the most part).

    Personally I'd go with a different smart watch unless you're thinking about jumping the fence and moving from Android phones to iOS.

    My background…I'm in IT, and deal with Windows and Linux and Android in my work. At home, I choose to use Apple as I find it a bit easier to manage the family 'fleet' of devices. Take what you will from that.

    • Thats fair advice, I use Apple exclusively, but if I was advising a friend with Android, stick to the same eco system, like you have advised, or change over completely.

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    Short answer: Not really worthwhile without an iPhone.


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    Well it should fit you if you pick the correct size. Lol.

    In all seriousness, probably best to keep all products in the same ecosystem to get the most out of them.

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    There are two ways to set up an Apple Watch:

    • By pairing it with your own iPhone
    • Using a family member's iPhone with Family Setup if you don't have an iPhone

    If you can't do either of those, you can't even set it up to use in the first place.

  • lol

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