Smartwatch Repairs Buyer Be Aware

I was looking at buying a cosmetically damaged Garmin Vivomat 3 today and I gave Garmin support a call to request a quote to repair.
The support person told me Garmin would decline to repair the watch as it is second hand. It's a current model.
Further, I was informed that (sic) Australian Consumer Law expressly prevents warranty transfer.
Garmin said they would only repair or refurbish a Garmin item sold to the first owner.
This means the Garmin watch you buy for a present and gift to your nearest or dearest will not have any warranty, according to the info I got this morning. That is what support told me.
My take is the Garmin support person was talking rubbish.
I love my existing Garmin but will definitely hesitate about ever buying another one.
Seems weird


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    Warranty not being transferable is normal. Unless you have a valid receipt. Which you likely would when it's gifted.

    • agree,. normal. just few allows.. maybe apple ?
      samsung needs receipt i know that.

  • Cosmetically damaged Garmin Vivomat 3
    Usually this doesn't come under warranty for repairs.

    But they have noted if you get it second had their warranty for manufacturing defects will not cover you as you are the second owner.

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      But OP was asking for a quote on repairs, not a freebie repair under warranty.

    • I asked for a repair quote, not warranty.

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    This is news to you?

  • Doesn't seem weird to me. Standard practice.

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      Standard practice is making up stories and lies about ACL and warranty? Yes, you're probably right.

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    Lets just hope Garmin don't make cars. Their stance is ridiculous, the product they produce is warranted for 1-2 years for some? I'm sure fair trading would have a field day with that.

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    I love my existing Garmin but will definitely hesitate about ever buying another one.

    Why? Buy it new and you'll be ok

    I was looking at buying a cosmetically damaged Garmin Vivomat 3 today and I gave Garmin support a call to request a quote to repair.

    Sounds like you had been trying to claim warranty to me and no warranty covers damage.

    Why didn't you just ask them for a repair price? No need to say anything about you being its 2nd owner as its not a warranty claim.

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      Nah, no new Garmin. Too many red flags from my conversation with Garmin support, and it seems it was an Australian call centre as well.
      I just explained the facts and regardless, I wouldn't have had a sales receipt.. I expected a new polycarbonate case and a desire to get some bucks from me. You've hurt my feelings by suggesting I was dodgy, how could I claim warranty on something I don't own or even have the serial number thereof. Look deeply at yourself and repent.

  • Wow… Seems water tight. Certainly no way of circumventing those laws…

    Also gifting something that is brand new does not make it second hand…

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    Sounds more like a miscommunication. Sounds like they thought you wanted a repair under warranty, and thus the resulting conversation. Why else would you raise the ACL with you?

    Garmin simply won't repair or refurbish anything unless required to under warranty. Not worth their time. For a smart watch? The cost to "repair" probably exceeds the cost of a replacement unit unless you use a small 3rd party repair shop like a kiosk at your local shopping centre.

    Even if that Garmin is under warranty I cannot see how any cosmetic damage would ever be covered. Hopefully you walked away and didn't go ahead with buying it.

    • Garmin support operative said Garmin does not repair stuff.
      There is a broken case Vivoactive 3 music on eBay, damaged restraint for the band. Definitely pre owned. Didn't bother with bidding.
      She mentioned the ACL, I'm not sure why though.

      • She mentioned the ACL, I'm not sure why though.

        Probably because of miscommunication- thought you wanted to repair under warranty.

      • Its a $500 watch new with full warranty.

        The one on ebay you're looking at is $50 (

        From everything you have said, you seem to be asking for a 'warranty repair' more so than a end user paid repair.

  • Garmin support seems to offer different outcomes depending on what country you are in. Nothing to do with statutory rights.

    Read over the Garmin forums you will see in the USA, just quote the serial and they will replace a faulty device no matter what owner you are and how old the device is. If you are in Asia for example they will tell you sorry you need to pay $$ to replace after 1 year.

    I am not saying your situation is the same, however it seems it all depends which country you are in as to what support will offer you.

    I would call them again and speak to someone else and see what outcome you get.

    Read this thread as an example

  • Buyer Be Aware

    Buyer beware?

  • Definitely explained to Garmin I was happy to pay money for a repair. I used the word 'quote' several times.
    What I didn't like was their comment about Garmin restricting Australian Consumer Law.
    Definitely not a miscommunication, the rep could have been new or just a pencil head.
    Yes, I know about parallel and grey market goods and international warranties being different.
    The post was actually to let some of you know about the 2nd hand issue and was correctly titled Buyer be Aware.
    She said if you dispose/sell a Garmin Australia watch after 2 days of ownership the new owner will not get warranty, according to (sic) Australian Consumer Law.
    Nope, I was considering buying a new Garmin as well, but definitely not now, particularly after talking to the pencilhead today.

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