Best Place to Get V-Bucks for Switch

Whats the best place to get v-bucks - is there cheaper ways to get more v-bucks other than buying through the switch ?

does something like :

work OK ?



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    It's your money but don't waste it away on pointless cosmetic skins.

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      i don't see giving my son 1000 v-bucks a month which keeps him happy and is also good leverage to get him to help around the house and to try new things (such as cricket this week) .. money well spent.

      • That's fair. Microtransactions have become an addictive gambling mess nowadays.

        • Which one is the microtransactions here, the kid buying skins or the parent trying to unlock DLC upgrades on the child so they will do more things around the house??

  • I'd be wary about buying other than through the primary platform your son is playing on, as some restrict the use of V-Bucks such they can only be used on the platform they were purchased on. Once they're used for cosmetics, those cosmetics are available on all..

    The item linked is for PC.

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