Anyone Ever Shopped with The School Locker?

Hello has anyone ever shopped with schoollocker,,

I made a purchase from them, but they never seem to answer in any way, (email nor phone). Item seemed really cheap at clearance price. But most the products on website aren't cheap.

But now left with wondering if this is a legit website? anyone placed a delivery order with them? It seemed legit to me because of all the like university campuses etc around Australia.

Of course payment via CC is safe always if dont receive the item, no communication/reply is a charge back but nevertheless it's a hassle.

Or does anyone know how to contact them other than the 1800 number, and email on their website. I know its like a Harvey Norman indirectly, only found that out now searching their domain. So pissed to find out i bought from Harvey Norman technically.

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  • Got an iPad mini a few years back from them
    no issues

    • that's at least good to hear, do you remember what was their shipping time frame?

      Btw did you ever try to contact them, if so did they ever reply?

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    They have physical stores too. I have purchased iPad cases from them when on clearance.

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    Just remember The School Locker is Gerry Harvey's closet, so it's as legit as HN can be…

  • I do buy things from them. TSL is actually Harvey Norman by checking their ABN info from tax invoice. If you buy multiple items, expecting to get multiple deliveries from their multiple stores. You only pay one $8 shipping cost. So far pretty good. I get dedicated person who replies my multipel enquiries, fast but don't lways expect fast all the time in response.

    • I get dedicated person who replies my multipel enquiries, fast

      what do you define as fast ?

      couple business days ? week ? month

      • I guess, standard fast response is 24 hours.

        Last time I ask - it get replied 2 hours. Before that it was 12 hours - This ones are very fast to me.

        • Last time I ask - it get replied 2 hours

          WOW ! I honestly have not even gotten any reply (other than generic one that says they have received my email) for about 7 days almost

  • I recall ordering from them in the past, but never had to contact CS. It could be shipping delays that you're experiencing.

    Other than the 1800 number, and email on their website, you could try in store?

    • Yeah cannot really go instore, even if i went instore they wont have a clue on online orders.

      Only resort will be paypal and Bank CC charge back (Lucky me, I didn't use my prepaid card for this)

  • Legit, but i called them about 40 times one day…they often dont answer their phones it seems

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