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Grant Burge Barossa Ink Shiraz 6 for $75 ($12.50 Per Bottle) Delivered @ Cellar One


For the next 4 HOURS ONLY, the bold and beautiful Grant Burge Barossa Ink Shiraz is yours for just $12.50 per bottle!

A vibrant, opulent Shiraz designed to make a statement. Aromas of sweet red fruit with a juicy fruit driven palate. An ideal sipper, this is an aromatic Shiraz that is perfect drinking now. Serve with maple & mustard glazed ham on Christmas Day. Your taste buds will thank you!

But this offer only lasts until 6pm AEST tonight, so don't miss out on this fantastic deal!

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    For anyone who hasn't tried this, it's not your typical bold shiraz. It's much sweeter (in the way a shiraz can be "sweet", don't think lolly water). I really like it as an easy go-to, and at 12.50 a bottle, it's a no brainer.

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      To provide more context - Sweet as in fruit extracted sweetness rather than manufactured sugar

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        Serve with maple & mustard glazed ham on Christmas Day

        With your user name you will probably also go well with that ham on Xmas Day;)

  • It was marketed as a $25+ per bottle.
    tried it when it was ~$18.

    Not bad but not my "glass of wine"

    At $12.5 may be worthy for someone looking for something new.

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    If you want to try one (and not commit to 6 bottles), it's only a few bucks more at Dan's.


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    If you are after some interesting/imported wines instead of these run of the mill wines check out https://www.thewinecollective.com.au/

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    Which year please ?

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      From the FAQ:

      What is the vintage of a particular wine?

      Due to the large volume of wine movements through Accolade Wines warehouse which supplies wines to retail shops nationally, it is unfortunately not always possible for Cellar One Australia to guarantee the exact vintage you will receive when ordering.

      So, in order to avoid causing confusion for our Cellar One Australia customers we do not always specify the vintage on the Cellar One Australia website.

      Cellar One Australia can advise on the most likely vintage you will receive, however, currently it is not possible for us to guarantee the vintage.

      We understand this is not ideal and are looking at how we can improve this area for our Cellar One Australia customers.

    • +1

      2019 would be my guess as that's the latest vintage

  • Got 6. Thanks :)

  • Thanks I’ve rolled the dice, hope it’s no rubbish.

  • Not sure what i am doing but sounds alright. Hopefully tastes ok too

  • Added to cart when it was still showing as $75, but jumped to $126 when checking out :|

  • Just got mine vintage 2020, bit young 😥

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