Best Budget Tablet with Stylus Support

Apologies if this seems like a duplicate forum topic but I couldn't see a specific forum topic that has covered this.

Basically I'm looking for a tablet with stylus support, mainly for writing/taking notes. My problem is that it seems like there are two classes of tablets: top of the range ones (iPad Pro, Samsung Tab S7, Microsoft Surface Pro) which all have stylus support but come with a high price tag and crappy Android based ones (e.g. Blackview Oscal Pad 8, Alldocube iPlay 40H) which are only good for Youtube and light browsing.

The Lenovo XiaoXin Pad Pro 2021 would suit these requirements, but if you include the keyboard and stylus it's not particularly cheap.

It looks like the Lenovo Tab P11 and Lenovo ChromeBook Duet would also suit, but I'm wondering if there are any other alternatives out there? Do any of the Chinese/Android based ones have good stylus support?


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    The Tab S7 FE is the "inferior" version of the Tab S7, with a lower price tag. It comes with a Pen already and you don't have to buy it seperately.

    The Tab S6 Lite also comes with a pen and will set you back $488.99 (coupon: SPENDNSAVEMORE), but this tab has been out for some time now (released April 2020) and the specs are much worse than either Xiaoxin or the S7 FE.

    • S6 lite is certainly lower spec but it's good enough for note taking app don't write it off completely.

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    The Apple Pencil works very well with the standard iPad. The only thing you are missing out on is a laminated screen.

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    I actually did a bit of research on this as I was considering purchasing a new tablet for digital art as a hobbie.

    'Cheap' alternatives

    Pen + Notebook - $5 - this is the cheapest option

    Ipad 9th Gen + stylus = 499 + 150 = $650
    Refurbished Ipad 8th Gen + stylus = $500
    Pros: Apple/ios/ipados apps and processor, Apple pencil
    Cons: Only 64GB /32GB storage no expandable SD slot

    Samsung S6 Lite (stylus included) - ~$400 on sale
    Pros: Cheap, Samsung DeX, Expandable SD slot
    Cons: A little slow now - can't play latest games well, Android updates/support, apps possibly not as optimised compared to Apple

    Samsung S7 FE (stylus incuded) = ~$600
    Pros: Large screen 12.4in, Samsung DeX, Expandable SD card
    Cons: Android update/support, apps possibly not as optimised compared to Apple

    Xiaomi Pad 5 + stylus - ~$600
    Pros: Great multimedia device, 4 speakers, OLED screen, 120hz refresh rate
    Cons: Android update/support, apps possibly not as optimised compared to Apple, no SD slot

    Not sure about the other Chinese/Android brands but my past experience for cheap android tablets hasn't been great.

    The Samsung S6 Lite is probably your best bet if you want something cheap and only for taking notes. If you can wait until Xmas or Black Friday sale, you can probably get it around $350-$399ish. Best value for money multimedia devices probably the Xiaomi or Lenovo Pads.

    • Cheers that's useful!

      What did you end up going with by the way?

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