Is MightyApe Customer Service Contactable?

Had an issue with a recent order with a Mighty Ape and sent CS an email regarding the issue but it’s been more than a week and no response so far. Anyone else have this issue lately with them?

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    I've found in the past that they're unresponsive to general enquiries about a product but if it's an actual problem with an order, they should respond.

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      That was in the past.

    • Found out yesterday Kogan bought out Mighty Ape December last year.
      That might be pre-Kogan customer service

    • Tried that. After submitting my issue to the message box this shows up “ We're not online at the moment, but will respond as soon as we can. Messages you write below will be added to the conversation.” and I left the chat on for like a day with nothing updated.

      • Tried that.

        Did you try during NZ business hours?

        • Yes

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        Try messaging them on Facebook maybe

        • I’ll try that. Thxs :)

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