Ends Today - Have Your Say on Australia's Digital Identity Legislation

Tl;dr: Do you want it possible for sites like OzBargain to allow login with mygov?



  • Do you want it possible for sites like OzBargain

    not really the intention right?
    its to allow other gov agencies to use it as a essentially a 'single sign on' option for identity, rather than having one login for mygov, one for your state's site logins, one for say your local councils site to pay rates etc etc

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      Councils?….. F**K NO! lol

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        It's single sign-on, not a single account that gives them access to all your data.

        Like if you use facebook/google to log into an account (like how it's an option with an Epic account) it doesn't immediately give Epic access to your facebook account. It's just a verification system.

        At work I have single sign on for nearly everything but there's definitely no data shared between them. The real question of trust is whether you trust the government to control your account access to your local council, not the other way around.

        Personally I think it's a good idea. I'd rather my local council not have to manage their own passwords and access controls, from experience they generally screw it up. They'd still screw up the single sign on system but at least my password would never leak from them.

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      enable the expansion of the Australian Government Digital Identity System, specifically to enable greater participation by state and territory governments and the private sector

      • It's probably more likely to be for things like banks to verify your tax file number.

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    Its clear that the government want to link government issued ID to social media, shopping and other subscription services so that they can track everyone data.

    Living of the grid is getting more and more difficult by the day.

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      How much time do people who are living off the grid spend on facebook or amazon?

      I am really scared that this becomes a universal ID though for the internet, it seems to be derived from butthurt politicians wanting to slap slander lawsuits on everyone on the internet who says something mean about them. The government has no need for my shopping data since they already get all the banking info they want, but they do seem to have an interest that it's verified who everyone is online no matter what they're doing.

      Hopefully it just falls over in a big, flaming tech mess.

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    I want the government to have ALLLLLL my logins… I trust our government. </s>

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      Not that big tech companies are any more trustworty…

      Still, the less data-matching that happens by any party the better.

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    Consultation on the exposure draft of the Trusted Digital Identity Bill and related legislative instruments

    On 1 October 2021, the Hon. Stuart Robert MP, Minister for Employment, Workforce, Skills, Small and Family Business released the exposure draft of the Trusted Digital Identity Bill and related legislative instruments for public consultation.

    Nothing to worry about with this guy in charge -

    China trip and resignation from ministry
    Crime and Corruption Commission – Operation Belcarra
    Possible breaches of Constitution and company law
    Internet usage
    Incorrect claims of cyberattack on the MyGov system
    Business connection with Cryo Australia

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    Hopefully it will be as well thought out and effective as the myhealthrecord.
    Or the 2017 Census.
    Or robodebt.
    And there are another 30 failed gov IT projects, including MyGov.

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      I heard the same guys in charge of the NBN is doing the rollout. It that good?

  • If they use the OAuth standard, it's fine.
    Websites can choose whether to use it or not. Have it be the only or one of many available. That should be up to the website owner.

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