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2x Baseus 30W USB-C PD & USB-A PD3.0, QC4.0 Dual Port Car Charger $14.95 ($7.48 Ea) + Delivery @ Shopping Square


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    Delivery & Handling:$5.93

  • Risks screened give you more safety <<< what does this mean…?

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      They've undergone relevant police and background checks for more safety

  • $19.96 for 2 x Baseus 45W Car Charger USB PD Type-C Quick Charge QC3.0 + $10ish delivery is not too bad either.
    Don't you hate it when their store add a cable to your basket by default?

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      Based on calculations: 100W = 12V * 8.33A. From your link, max was 5A *12V =60W (std 3A *12V =36W)

  • Even though I they offer express checkout with PayPal still need to make an account.
    Too bad lost a sale.

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