Someone friend requested me using my dead dad's name

On Facebook.

Looks like a fresh profile with no pictures or about info. Any way I can check what email they used or anything?


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    Wow that is creepy

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      it is nearly Halloween

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      Thought it was screensaver

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    How "unique" is the name? Is it something common like "David Smith" or something?

  • scammer

  • Is it just 'common firstname' + your surname?

    • Not a super common first name and I have a different surname to my dad.

  • Black Mirror

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    Is there an election coming up?

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    Happens to me all the time. Not dead family members, but scammers who copy an account and then add that persons friends.

    You accept it and they will message tell you about a crisis and asking for money etc.

    Just report the account.

    • ^ This… or you accept and they hack your account / PC / life etc.

  • Troll

  • Why do you expect them to use their Own email ID to create a fake profile?

    • Hoping they're idiots. I accepted the request and sent a message just in case papa skipped out on his life but there's been no spam or anything sent back. Strange

      • Hope your privacy settings are good. They would have your friend list and other personal info like DOB to make next ID fraud move.

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