Private Health Insurance for GYM Goers

Hi all,

Looking for Private Health cover for myself and wife, GYM goers. She needs a Hip Replacement and I need a Shoulder Replacement also plenty of physio and massage (ongoing).

I have already paid out privately for shoulder surgery on my other side and looking to lessen the cost. We both have modified our training and can go for another couple of years hopefully before surgery.

We currently spend a few $k a year on physio and massage. So we can divert a fair chunk of that towards a premium.

Also my youngest has had his braces removed and he needs 4 wisdom teeth removed apparently, so dental as well.

What are people using and roughly paying per month? How much physio is included? Any restrictions on operation or hardware used?



  • Physio you get a fixed amount back each session. You don't get 100% back each time. Mine gives me I think $30 back?

    Wisdom teeth removal is major surgery on its own. You might need 12 months waiting period on your Extra cover.

    Unsure what you mean about any restrictions on operation or hardware used.

    Without government PHI rebate my extra cover is $670pa, but I don't use physio often.

  • Usually, pre existing conditions are not covered. So unlikely to get anything for the surgery you already need.

    Otherwise people would only buy insurance after they need operations.

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      Incorrect! Pre-existing conditions are covered after a 12 month waiting period. It's exclusions you have to watch out for (such as an exclusion for hip replacements on a cheaper hospital policy).

  • How did you hurt your shoulder?

    • Osteo Arthritis.

  • start by comparing covers for premiums and policies that include joint replacements, then compare extras seperately. You can take them out seperately, but funds offer sign up bonuses ususally if you have both, sometimes not. I get sign up bonuses 3 times a year, saves up to 18 weeks premium. If you are a member of NRMA you get 7,5% off Australian Unity. plus 6 weeks free atm. I think if you have a bank account with them, you get 10% off.
    HCF gives large amount of flybuys points if you go thru flybuys, but only if you stay 10 months. This may suit if you are paying loading, as these bonuses include iit.
    AIA has incentives for gym goers, and often 6 weeks free.
    6 weeks free atm is Aami, Medibank, and Australian Unity, maybe others

    • Bupa also 6 weeks free atm,. AIA may suit as they give back giftcards for gym goers through AIA Vitality

  • Also consider tax savings from having private health insurance. If you think you’re going to want health insurance when you’re older, sign up now as the premiums increase if you start later. We have Gold family cover with Medibank private which isn’t cheap (sorry don’t know premium of the top of my head).

    You don’t save money by having health insurance, sure you get some back on physio etc but it doesn’t pay for the cost of the premium. I have insurance so I don’t have to sit on a public waiting list if ever I need surgery and so I can choose my surgeon/hospital, also used it for maternity care.

    Many people on OzB churn insurers to get a different sign up bonus each year, or you can call your insurer and tell them x insurer is offering a bonus and they’ll often offer an incentive to stay.

    Different levels or hospital cover here it’s standardised across insurers. Personally I’d only get silver or gold, because my reasoning for having it is that I want to be covered if I do use it. Gold is the only level that will cover joint replacements. You’ll have to wait a year before getting any surgery and for hospital admissions. ‘Extras’ for physio and the like is where the inclusions vary more between insurers. Basically you just have to go to some comparisons sites and call insurers to get quotes and talk about inclusions and what you get back. Try to get get some sort of sign up bonus eg first month free or gift cards if you do sign up.

    If you don’t get insurance, or even if you do, also speak to your gp about a chronic disease management plan which subsidies allied health (including physio) for up to 5 sessions there’s no specific conditions that are or aren’t eligible but your chronic hip and shoulder issues should qualify you. Most AH charge a smaller gap for people on a management plan that what you would pay via private health insurance, so it’s worth doing regardless.

    Also get your physio or an exercise physiologist to look at what you’re doing in the gym and provide advice on technique. So many gym related injuries doesn’t sound good.

    • 30+ years of battling mental demons every session, 5 times a week takes it's toll.

  • bupa has free dental for kids and a network of extras providers to pay less

    • Already paid out $15k for braces.

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    I'm unclear on the references to "…GYM Goers…".
    It sounds like you could actually save quite a bit of money if you forego the gym memberships, associated physio and massage, etc. That might pay for the dental surgery.

    • GYM is LIFE

  • Don't forget to factor in the 'over 30' component - an increase for each year over thirty you are when you take out the policy.

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