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Tipco Coconut Water 1L $1.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Tipco is on a sweeter side compare to the others, which mean it from a more grown coconut. When its too young its tasteless and bland. Normally $3.55

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  • Ordered. Thanks.

  • Cheers

  • Sounds like a rep posting who knows the details of the product.

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      LOL .. i buy them when and where ever they on sale. Family use it for cooking. when travel in asia that all i drink right off the tree so i know the difference.

      • The price is better than other brands.

      • Interesting.. how do you use this for cooking?

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    Thx, my favourite brand after trying all other brands. It's the closest thing to quality fresh coconut

    • Agree, taste most “authentic” off the tree

  • Thx op

  • Thanks op! Never tried this brand before but I'll give it a go.

  • Thank you. Bought 6

  • Thanks OP.

    Do people drink coconut water as such or use it for smoothies and shakes?

    • Yes

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      I have been drinking it as a cold drink for last 2 weeks after score some cheap boxes from Costco

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    I have to double check and see if covonut is a thing…

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      Wouldn't surprise me if it's a new kombucha blend or something

  • OOS

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    On special for $2 at Harris Farm as well.

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    Thanks OP, always happy to try out a new Coco water brand.

  • Looks like back in stock now, just bought 2 packs to try

  • Still in stock

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    When its too young its tasteless and bland

    This is not true. I used to be a coconut farmer

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      The best time to drink for sweetness is when the flesh has just formed inside the coconut and tender that you can scape it..

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      Couldn’t agree more, the best drinking coconuts I have had were ones where the flesh has just been formed and mildly translucent. The flesh are great for eating that way too

      Older coconuts tend to be grown for the flesh to use the firm thick flesh and or to extract the coconut cream/milk from the flesh

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    When its too young its tasteless and bland.

    Isn't it the opposite? The coconut water and the sugar in it gets converted to flesh the older the coconut gets, so younger coconuts = good for water, older coconuts = good for milk.

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      I agree, the older the coconut the tasteless it becomes and I've drank a lot of fresh coconuts throughout the years when overseas.

  • Thanks OP. Never tried this Tipco before. Grabbed only 3 and would'a ordered more but I haven't opened the recent Cocobella deal yet since I'm still polishing off my last carton of Raw C which was also from a recent deal from Coles/Woollies (can't remember which one now). Whew, so much coconut water to go through now all by myself since the Mrs. don't like 'em. All well, more for me. :O

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    This tastes too sweet for me, as well as the Cocobella. I like Raw C more. And if you are curious, the lychee one from Tipco is even sweeter than the coconut water, not tasting like good and fresh lychee as well, almost like a condensed juice.

    • Wouldn't buy RawC even if it was the best one at the best price. It's owned by Paleo Pete Evans.

  • thanks OP I've placed an order

    out of curiosity I wonder which is right

    When its too young its tasteless and bland.

    or this

    the older the coconut the tasteless it becomes

    Doesn't matter I suppose as long as the product is tasty

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      when travelling in asia, we buy coconut fresh from tree.. the really young with no “white meat” inside the water mostly taste like water, the one with soft white meat you can eat, the water taste sweet… but really older one with really hard thick layer of “meat” start to taste like coconut oil.
      The RawC and Coccobella seem to be a bit tasteless and bland. The tipco is the closest to what we usually get on street of asia. That my take on them. Ofcourse not two batch ever taste same, 😄

      These people seem to have same observation, everyone taste are different


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    A deal for SlavOz: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/658767
    Hope he got onboard before it went OOS.

  • Verita Cocunut water tastes great

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