Lacking Viable Wireless Charging with Quadlock

Hey all,

So I was lucky enough to get a Quadlock system with a wireless charging head for my birthday. I'm driving a fairly old car so I've had to plug it into my FM transmitter and it just doesn't get the power needed.

Just was looking to get a reccomendation for a cigarette car charger that will deliver the power needed without breaking after a month. Similarly, will USB C to C cables on eBay work as well as say an Official Samsung one?.



  • You could always hardwire your own dedicated USB socket somewhere handy? I've done that in one of my cars for power to the back for kids and works a treat, just need a socket some cable and a fuse and you're good to go.

  • From the specification of Quadlock, the wireless charger needs "Input: 5V-2A (5W charging), 9V-1.7A (7.5W & 10W Fast Charging)".

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