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Liquorland 15% Cashback ($40 Cap, 1pm-6pm), Booktopia 30% Cashback ($25 Cap, 8am-1pm) and More @ Cashrewards


Sale starts:

8:00am - 1:00pm AEDT
ADOREBEAUTY: 18% cashback (20% off with Max, $20 cap)
Booktopia: 30% cashback ($25 cap)
Bras n Things: 25% cashback ($30 cap)

1:00pm - 6:00pm AEDT
Liquorland: 15% cashback ($40 cap). $10 off when you spend $100 (Code: TENOFF). In addition, you earn 2000 flybuys points when you spend $50 online
Paula's Choice: 15% cashback (18% with Max)
New Balance: 20% cashback, no cap

6:00pm - 11:00pm AEDT
Sheridan: 20% cashback, no cap
Best & Less: 30% cashback ($30 cap)

NOTE: Uber Eats removed at the request of Cashrewards

Referral Links

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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  • It says up to 30% - not sure if its 30% for all the stores listed

    • Booktopia is 30% with a cap of $25 though!

      • +3

        That one is pretty good, even better than the 50% cashback at bookdepository because that one was capped at 10. As always, compare prices at booko.com.au before buying anything from booktopia

        • Good tip! Also need to factor in $7.95 shipping from Booktopia.

          • +2

            @eswes: yeah, just realized that, and you don't get cashback on shipping, so prices are not that competitive compared to other stores. Maybe if you buy 2 or more books for combined shipping

            • @gonzule: Yep, at least the shipping is a flat fee so not a bad deal if you have multiple books to buy.

  • +21

    hate this "up to" bullsh!t

    • +5

      Especially when several businesses are involved and it only applies to one or 2 of them….. and usually not the one you want ):

    • +8

      Yeah "up to" should be banned in ozb. We don't need marketing bs. Just list individual stores

    • +2

      Yeah I know right, clicked the email hoping to see Liquorland as 30% then had to click through all the "upsized offers" and literally only Booktopia was 30% lol

      15% for Liquorland is barely worth it.

  • +2

    so Liquorland is 15% ;-(

    • +1

      15% seems to be the new 20% for the big booze chains.

    • Do you know if you can stack TENOFF with the 15% cashback?

      • Looks that way from updated OP

        BWS is also doing 15% via Shopback if that's closer to anyone

        • +5

          "up to" as well.
          Cashback Rates
          XXXX Dry & James Squire Zero 15.00%
          Core Pinnacle Range 10.00%
          All Other Products 2.00%

      • +1

        Not listed on Cashrewards but 2,000 Flybuys for $50 spend is. However, FB points offer not shown on Liquorland site. Suspect FB points are not earnable and TENOFF probably should be on Cashrewards instead. Cashrewards need to sort it out….

        • +1

          The flybuys offer is separate to cashback. You'll still earn 2000 flybuys points if you spend $50 online on Liquorland by this Sunday 31 Oct

          • @DisabledUser27274: I have looked at my flybuys account and cannot see this offer. Is it targeted and has to be accepted or automatic without any actions.

            • +1

              @chloden: Not on flybuys app, but on Liquorland website.

        • +1

          To add to the confusion the FB points offer according to Cashrewards site appears to be all week:
          To qualify for this offer you must spend the qualifying amount online and enter your flybuys card number online at the time of purchase. Transactions must take place between 25/10/2021 and 31/10/2021. 2,000 BONUS POINTS will be applied when you spend $50 or more online during the dates specified.

          But Cashrewards site shows FB points offer expires: Oct 28, 2021 (instead of 31/10 above) and at 12:59:00 PM (instead of usual 11:59PM)

          A promo banner on Cashrewards site is promoting TENOFF code but Cashrewards Liquorland page doesn't list TENOFF. So it probably applies and Cashrewards has some quality control issues with their website!!

        • My cart was bang on $100. Used the TENOFF code, which worked. Got a message after checkout to say I had received 2,000 FB points, and just received the Cashrewards email for $13.64 back.
          So looks like everything syncs up.

  • I can't see anywhere that it is limited to 1x transaction at liqorland. Would I be right in assuming multiple transactions are fine?

    edit: Just got confirmation from TA it can be multiple transactions up to the $40 limit per member

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