Where Did The Pixel 5 5G Go?

Was waiting to see what the pixel 6 had on offer and I really don't like the under screen fingerprint nor the camera notch.

So I've decided on the 5 5G, but there seems so be sweet bugger all stock anywhere.

Telstra and JB HI FI had them advertised as recently as Aug I believe, but can't find them in-store any more.

I can find them on jackdeal or becextech, but I'd rather buy it from somewhere more reputable in-case anything goes wrong.

Any advice or more info as to where it's gone?



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    pretty sure when they were discontinued all "reputable" stores stopped stocking it. only option is online shops that you have found.

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    Discontinued in favour of the 5a which isn't available in Australia.

  • Same for me, I don't like the Pixel 6 because it's too big.

    The Pixel 5 was discontinued and it looks like there was not much stock left over so it's nowhere to find now.

    I ordered one from Telstra when it was in "back order" (they front ordered my money though). They send me a text every week saying it's still out of stock so I'm kind of losing hope on this one.

    The only options left are the dodgy and overpriced imports or second hand.

    By the way, all the Pixel 5 are 5G, it's the 4a which has a 4G and 5G models.

    • I don't like the Pixel 6 with the camera notch and no rear fingerprint sensor. I've seen the reviews and the under screen sensor is SLOW to respond in ideal conditions.

      I'm actually now looking at getting the 5A 5G from the US Google Store, it's $449 USD - $600 AUD, which works fine on our 5G bands.

      • Yeah the 5a is the closest replacement, but it's also too big (it's only slightly smaller than the 6).

  • Wait for the 6a to come out.

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