Google Pixel 6 Pro 512GB - Buy Instore

Does anyone know whether the Google Pixel Pro 512gb will be available to purchase instore today? Wanting to buy outright.


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    You can't take one today. They won't have stock for a couple of months.

    The Pixel 6 has been announced, but is not yet released. Early stock is in the hands of reviewers.

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      available in stores from the 28th.
      Deliveries started on the most part yesterday.
      Some people even got them earlier.

      • Thanks Dasher86.

        I saw Dec and Jan delivery dates for Pixel 6 when ordering from the Aussie Google store. I must be way back in the queue.

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          "Dec and Jan delivery dates"

          Same! does that mean they will ship at dec?

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    OP how about you call a few stores?
    Officeworks, JB and Harvey Norman seem to be selling them.
    Or even try a Telstra shop.

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    What did the stores say when you called them?

  • Some of the stores might have a few in stock but highly unlikely. Pre-orders for certain stores couldn't even be fulfilled so I doubt there's extra for walk ins.

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