Mitsubishi Challenger Front Ball Joints - How Much Play Tolerence?

Have a 2000 Mitsubishi Challenger currently getting it ready for roadworthy and the front balljoints have some movement.

It's a 4wd, are they different to 2wd? Is there a mm tolerance for moment of the front ball joints? Backyard mechanic is not sure if they need to be replaced or if 4wd can have more play.



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    Most members here only drive and service BMW and MB 2019+ so you might be out of luck.

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    There should be no movement in the ball joint, unless you can find a mitsubishi specification that says otherwise.

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      Basically this. 0 is pretty close to what it should have.

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    Check with your roadworthy mechanic wether they’ll pass it or not.

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    If you can measure the play in mm, it's very stuffed.

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    Thanks for the comments will just replace before roadworthy.

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