AMEX Velocity Platinum $375 voucher instead of flight

So I have just received an email from Amex offering a $375 voucher for a spend at Virgin Australia, Virgin/Velocity Wines and the Velocity Rewards Store in exchange for my unused travel credit that I had that was expiring.

Just wondering what people's thoughts are for the best use of this offer. The Velocity Store doesn't really have the best range of products. Any gems in there? Are the wines any good?


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  • Wines are ok value if you’re into that

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    you can buy a velocity wines voucher and then sell it, did that last year. prob get about $250 for the $375

  • Sent you a PM

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    Received the same email. At first was disappointed but then after looking up flight(depending on destination) you can end up getting 2 X return flights.
    Eg Melbourne to Adelaide was $188 return. Often Goto away games for the soccer so actually may be handy for this.

  • I used my credit towards flights to the Whitsundays, and the flights can be changed free of charge which is good too. You're not limited to the Amex destinations as you can book whatever you want via Virgin Australia.

    Might be worth double checking whether or not you need to use the credit in one go or if they allow multiple use for the offer. Mine was so long ago I've forgotten, but I booked flights worth more than the credit.

    I've purchased wines from them before, I only like 1 variety of the 4 or so they had included - but I mainly bought wine for the free picnic table lol!

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