Free $10 Voucher to Bigpond Shopping Website

i have just received this and will not need it. hope someone can use this $10 voucher

how to use it:
Go to
If it’s your first visit, you’ll need to set up a username and password. Each time you want to make a purchase, just log into your account.
Select your item(s) and add it to your shopping cart.
Go to Checkout and enter the voucher code Mod: Voucher has been used

the voucher gives you the free $10
i believe this can only be used once. that is why i have put it in the forum




    If someone uses this please be kind and advise here so others dont waste their time

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    That voucher code has already been used by someone. Didn't work for me.


    Already been used the voucher


    what about buying game/music vouchers for $10?


    anything other than makeup now?


    WARNING !!!! does anyone know who exactly is behind bigpond shopping ?

    I have been waiting for a promised refund for months now after I finally received - reluctantly a return address and returned the item as it was faulty ( with a tracking number -so they cant come up with an excuse of not having received it )

    BigPond Shopping
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    but my emails get ignored or am getting a vague response with apology

    one of the email had the logos of 2 other companies at bottom of the mail ®
    Love a bargain

    I am taking this now to the ACCC