Best Way to Get Some Discount at Rebel - Basketball Ring $1199

Hey OZBs,

Curious on the best way to get some discount on this product $1199 :

Notice its $1150 @ :

Do rebel price match?, any other discount options?

I'm with Suncorp, which says they have some benefit with Rebel :

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  • Rebel are part of corporate reward schemes where you can buy gift cards for 10% off.

  • Best I have found so far, is Suncorp at 6% - max $500 card

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    That sounds exceptionally expensive …

    We bought a stand-a-lone one for <500 which I still thought was $$…

    Fill base with water - 5yrs later still going

    • I assume if a ball hits the backboard it and the pole gives slightly, so you don't get true rebound ??

    • Large glass backboard is the main thing, but also want in ground

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    NIB is 8% no limit

  • That backboard looks really small

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    Rebel do price match, as long as it is the exact same make/model and includes the cost of shipping if shipping is required.

    If you're not in a rush, you could wait for it to go on sale.

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    Aldi is having similar in this weeks specials.

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