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Buy 1 E-Bike from Selected Models, Get 10% off | Buy 2 or More, Get 20% off | Free Shipping @ Leon Cycle


📌 Buy 1 E-Bike and Get 10% off | 2 E-Bikes and Enjoy 20% off on NCM Venice, NCM Venice Plus and NCM Miami | Free Shipping

Interest-Free Installments | Limited Supplies

How would you spend your holidays? Touring, camping or riding with your family. Introducing NCM's top performing E-MTBs, E-trekking city bikes, and E-Folding bikes.

The NCM Venice, Venice Plus and Miami Electric Bikes are both stylish and very practical. Perfect for running around the city, with a useful rack to the rear for extra storage. This E-bike is designed with a tough aluminum frame, and an adjustable handlebar/stem setup, with a sprung seat for improved comfort. Strong dependable and reliable workhorse capable of everything you throw at it.

  • Ergonomic bicycle Grips
  • Comfortable sitting posture
  • All important controls easily accessible
  • Supplied with 36V to deliver a high output power
  • Easily removable battery so you can charge it anywhere
  • A built-in USB port with 5V to charge mobile phones

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  • +5

    Decent range of ebikes, but ever since an influencer won a bike in one of your Instagram 'competitions' last year I stopped considering buying from your store.

    • Definitely appears dodgy, and even if it was a legit win, it would have been beneficial for Leon Cycle to draw a second winner. A short term hit of having to give away a second bike is a lot better than losing potential customers. Sad to hear because I am looking at getting another ebike soon, just not through Zoomo and probably will give Leon a miss too.

      I'm happy to tell anyone about my poor experience with Zoomo, and if people chose not to buy based on my accurately described (and documented) experience then perhaps companies will learn that customer service and sentiment is extremely important. (Zoomo can still reach out and rectify the issues).

      • +1

        I'm mostly just salty I didn't win of course but there weren't many entries and out of everyone the verified influencer account won and then made a post about it. Could've been a fair competition for all I know.

      • +1

        Was it a Zoomo or Leon Cycle representative who negged me?


        • +2

          Order restored :) +1

        • +1

          It was me by accident, sorry!! :(
          Can't change it

  • +2

    So, if I buy 10 can I get 100% off?

    • -1

      Hi klownvandamn, The discount work like this:
      Buy 1 E-Bike and Get 10% off
      Buy 2 or more E-Bikes and Get 20% off on NCM VENICE, NCM VENICE PLUS AND NCM MIAMI only
      Discount will automatically be applied upon checkout.
      Thank you

      • +3

        How much are they?
        Aren't you supposed to have a price for an item in the title so we don't waste our time.

  • +1

    How much are they?

  • Wake me up when the Aspen Plus has this discount!

  • At least this company has been around for 3 years and they're registered for GST, unlike some of the other e-bike sellers that advertise on here…

  • 10% discount for 1 bike is not showing up at checkout

    • Sorry I just noticed it is for tomorrow . My bad

  • These bikes look decent. I just finished up an ebike conversion of an old (but unused) Avanti I purchased many years ago. Installed a 1500w rear hub with 48v 20ah rear rack battery - the thing boogies *it has the ability to switch between 250w and 1500w.

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