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[VIC] 24x375mL Brick Lane Draught + 3x175mL Aperol Spritz – $45.95 Shipped (No Pickup) @ Cellarbrations


Stumbled across this incidentally when looking at the (quite limited) craft beer section of Cellarbrations Victoria online.

$40 for a 16-pack of 4.9% 375mL cans is already pretty reasonable, but then they throw in an extra 8-pack of the same beer as well, and what do you know, when you click 'add to cart' a random 3-pack of Aperol Spritz comes up for free too. At only $5.95 shipping it seems like a pretty ripping deal.

Can't speak for the quality of the beer but I've had other Brick Lane drops and they are a decent entry-level craft. Enjoy responsibly!

(Delivery in Victoria only (Click & Collect unavailable))

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  • Has anyone tried this stuff out?

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    Haven't tried this one before but their 'One Love' pale is decent and importantly they're an independently owned Australian company — uncommon among these 'entry level' crafts that are mostly owned by Asahi or Lion / Kirin.

    • Yeah, that's one of their ones that I've had before. Doing a bit of reading online, apparently these are/were heavily promoted by Triple M? Odd – but better than being owned by a big globo-corp I guess. Here's a Crafty Pint write-up.

      • Mick Molloy is a part owner of Bricklane and he regularly gives slabs away as prizes on his show, Eddie McGuire is also a part owner and gave them away on his show last year.

        So yes it is independent but owned by rich folk

        • Oooh, I might give it a miss then.

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    Bought. Thanks OP

  • Dammit too late: "Stock unavailable for bonus item"

    • Have marked as out of stock, you can still get the 16-pack of beer + the Spritz though so not too bad.

  • The Spritz seems to be free with any order?

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    Might want to check your local Aldi also when there next. Bricklane was one of the specials a few weeks back and may be further reduced in price.

    I paid $45 for the 24x Base lager cans, and
    $40 for 24x Backyarder crisp lager (mid strength) 2 weeks ago..
    The base lager is enjoyable and not a challenging drink, haven't tried the Backyarder yet though.

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