Kmart Online Order Shipping Fee Refund Question

Ordered 2 items from Kmart that are big and bulky and paid for a flat shipping of $55 total, one item cancelled and refunded. The message they sent me was this:

"Outstanding item(s)
We’re looking for more stock of these item(s).
If available, we'll deliver the outstanding item(s) to you for free."

So the outstanding item was then shipped to me, but the delivery fee wasn't refunded.

Am I reading it wrong? If not, what would be the best way to ask for a shipping fee refund.

Update: this is big and bulky there is no free shipping, it's a flat fee regardless of spend. I will only receive the one item, the other was cancelled

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    SMS them on +61 488 854 585, it’s the fastest way to get a response

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    The message does not mention that the shipping that you paid would be refunded, it states that if they can find the additional stock of the missing item then that item will be shipped to you, without charging you any extra shipping.

    • Yeah that's what I'm unclear about, but the shipping cost is the same for one or both items, so it doesn't make any sense to me.

      The thing is, I ordered two items that I need and the shipping averages out lower if both items ship, in other words if I were to order them separately I'd pay exactly double the shipping fee

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        I personally don't see the issue. You were happy to pay $55 in shipping and you received both items, although separately.
        What I don't agree is you having to pay additional shipping due to Kmart's OOS items, which Kmart has addressed.

        • I am not receiving both items, that's the point.
          One is out of stock.

          I need both items, I would rather them cancel the order than only receive one item.

          • @TEER3X:

            So the outstanding item was then shipped to me

            So what is it?

            • @specks: Lol, I may be confusing myself.

              Order placed for 2 items, one item cancelled.

              The other item (which at the time was outstanding by their definition) was then later shipped.

              I paid for a mattress and a bed frame, only mattress was shipped

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    You won't get a refund or partial refund.

    Because conversely if you ordered enough for free shipping, and one item is OOS, you don't want to then pay shipping.

    • This is big and bulky, there is no free shipping, regardless of spend.

  • It’s a standard line for people who have satisfied the spend to qualify for free shipping, or for those who have ordered click and collect with one (or several) items not being located after placing the order.

    Basically, for people who haven’t agreed to pay for shipping, re-emphasising they still won’t have to pay for shipping to get the items they ordered.

    And for you who only agreed to pay for one lot of shipping, you’ve got the second shipping for free.

    • This is big and bulky, there is no free shipping, regardless of spend.

      • It’s still a standard line for all of their orders, regardless of what has been ordered and at what cost.

        • I get what you're saying, but the message does not make any sense, they shouldn't be sending out such ambiguous messages, standard line or not.

  • They refunded the shipping the same day they refunded the out of stock item. Unbelievably good deal. I didn't have to contact them

    Scored a king sized mattress for $99 shipped!

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