Where to Buy Live Worms in Melbourne/Braybrook?

Just wanted to know if there are any shops/worm farms/bait shops that sell live worms and price in Melbourne/Braybrook?


  • new diet?

    • Think so . Full of protein and mud

  • There's a BCF in Braybrook, ask them. (2/330 Ballarat Rd, Braybrook VIC 3019)

    That's if you want worms for fishing, different from Garden worms.

    If they don't sell them they'll know where you can buy them.

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    Bunnings sell worms.

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      Why the downvote? Bunnings do sell live worms, as well as worm eggs that hatch after a while. Boxes available with 500-1000 live worms or so.

      • I wonder what kind of job it would be to count and pack live swiggly worms in boxes.

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          Probably mostly done by weight, the packaging on those boxes do say approximately X worms

  • For fishing or composting?

  • composting - with my back Im not going looking for them in ground -need to buy !!

    I am surprised - Bunnings really does sell them , thanks .

    • If your composting you want to use composting works instead of earthworms anyway. Maybe ask your local good karma page. They charge a lot at bunnings.

    • We got ours at bunnings, but also got some later from a guy who runs a worm farm in our area. Try google to see what's around.

  • if you want lots just hop on marketplace/gumtree, there're quite a few selling them. But I think if you're too lazy to dig for worm then you'll find worm composting will be hard work, harder than traditional composting.

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    I'm in NSW and have purchased online from qld shipped to me (a few years ago)


    Didn't have any issues. Works were fine

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