Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021 (Computer Parts Deals)

How likely is it that high end components (such as Ryzen 5900X, 5950X, 64 GB rams, 2TB PCIe 4.0 M.2 SSD's, platinum and titanium SFX PSU's) will be on sale on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

How much can I expect to save for each of those components?

Historically, do "high end" CPU's, RAM's, SSD's go on sale every year on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?


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    Waiting for a sale on crystal balls to answer you.

    • Just edited my post. Do "high end" components go on sale every year on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

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        i remember nothing for last year…

        • yeah I guess so… I just scoured the internet trying to find catalogues from past years… very hard to find surprisingly and the ones I found didn't have sale on the kind of components that are in the same "category" that I'm looking for

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            @magno: You are unlikely to find sale prices for items like those in catalogues.

            You will need access to eBay+, Klarna, Afterpay, ZipPay, and/or LatitudePay in order to use their offers to get those items at a discounted rate. Best prepare for your credit report to get a battering.

          • @magno: pricing of computer components are highly subject to

            • changes in supply and demand
            • material shortages
            • freight costs
            • geopolitical shenanigans and tariffs
            • AU to USD currency exchange rate

            Not to mention the margins on core computer parts such as CPU's, RAM, GPU's etc are razer thin, you're looking at single digit profit margins on these. There's very little wiggle room for a reseller to give you a big discount these items.

            It is just as likely that computer parts will shoot up instead of down during Christmas shopping events.

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    I think you might find some deals. I can imagine a sale on SSDs or RAM, but probably not graphics cards.

    The better deals are usually on places like Lenovo or Dell or similar, rather than components which already have pretty thin margins.

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  • Expect some Dell bonanza's!!!

  • Computer alliance eBay sale ?? but their prices can be average these days

    • I was looking at buy a motherboard off them a few days ago and it was listed at $169 (which was not a sale price), but when I refreshed the page a few hours later they jacked the price to $219 so they could put a 10% off code on it!

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